Rated R Superstar Edge set to face Seth Rollins on WWE Super Smackdown

Edge faces Rollins in a Summerslam rematch at WWE Super Smackdown, which will air live from Madison Square Garden.

wwe super smackdown
Rated R Superstar Edge

WWE Super Smackdown will be featuring some massive segments. Next week’s episode of the Blue brand is all set to air live from the Madison Square Garden. Considering it is one of the most popular arenas in the world, WWE is treating it as a PPV event.

Prior to the latest episode of Smackdown, the only announcement that had been made regarding the event was the appearance of John Cena. Surprisingly, his appearance was mentioned during the promo video of WWE Super Smackdown.

Instead, some massive segments have been announced for the event. Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair will be signing the contract for their match at Extreme Rules. A Summerslam rematch has been announced too with Rated-R Superstar Edge taking on Seth Rollins.  

On the latest episode of Smackdown, Rollins asked for a match against Cesaro. He mentioned that Edge had inspired him and he wanted to use his strategy. But the match ended in disqualification, with Rollins attacking Cesaro with a steel chair. He forced Edge to come out.

In a backstage segment Edge mentioned that he understood why Rollins was behaving like that. If he had lost like that at Summerslam, just like Rollins, he wouldn’t have accepted it quietly. He challenged Rollins for a rematch at WWE Super Smackdown.

Brock Lesnar is set to appear at WWE Super Smackdown

wwe smackdown live results
Reigns and Lesnar

In another hilarious segment, Paul Heyman got a call from Brock Lesnar, informing him that he will be showing up at the Madison Square Garden. At the same time, Big E is excited because it might earn him the opportunity to cash in his contract.

With Lesnar, Reigns, Lynch, Belair, Edge and Rollins all scheduled to appear at the event – another powerpacked episode of Smackdown is on the cards and it will indeed be WWE Super Smackdown.

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