Roman Reigns defeats ‘The Demon’ after a ring malfunction at Extreme Rules 2021

The main event of Extreme Rules saw Roman Reigns and 'The Demon' battle in a competitive match

The Demon Finn Balor was defeated by Roman reigns at Extreme Rules 2021

Roman Reigns has been the Universal Champion for more than a year now. the Tribal Chief has been reigning over WWE for a long time and is on the top of his game. On the other hand, ‘The Demon’ has been undefeated since his debut until extreme Rules 2021.

The two men faced each other at extreme Rules 2021 with the Universal championship on the line and the result saw Roman Reigns retain the Universal Championship again. This brought the fans in rage and the WWE Universe is not calling Reigns boring. The match though was very competitive and saw both the men take each other to their extreme limits and entertain the fans.

The Demon's winning streak was ended by Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns and Finn Balor during their match buildup

The match between the two men started with both of them exchanging blows when Reigns delivered a Samoan drop and a suplex for one count when both the men went extreme. Reigns took a kendo stick out but Balor used a thick stick of his own to take Reigns down. Balor delivered a running knee to Reigns and took a table out.

Reigns though overpowered him and pushed the table back in. He took a steel chair out and attacked ‘The Demon’. Balor used the chair to deliver a double stomp on the chest of Reigns. Balor then took a table out but reigns delivered a drive by to the challenger driving him to the ring post. Reigns then threw Balor over the barricade and then delivered him power strikes.

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The Demon’s winning streak was ended by Roman Reigns

Reigns then went for a slam but Balor delivered a crossbody through the table. Back inside the ring, Balor floored Reigns with an elbow but the latter fought back with a slam though the table for two counts. He then locked in the superman punch but Balor fought back with the Pele kick. Reigns delivered the punch and went for the spear but Balor countered with a sling blade. Reigns somehow delivered the spear and went for the pin but Balor delivered a low blow to kick out.

The Demon then delivered coup de grace but the Usos attacked Balor during the pinfall. The Demon took the Usos out but reigns delivered a spear to Balor through the barricade. The light then started going red and the Demon stood up. He then attacked Reigns with chair and drove Reigns through the table. He then went to the top rope but the ring collapsed. Reigns then delivered the spear to get the win.

Twitter reacts with rage as Roman Reigns defeats ‘The Demon’

The Usos helped Roman Reigns win the Universal Championship match
The Demon Finn Balor and Roman Reigns had a great match at extreme Rules 2021

Fans reacted with rage after Reigns defeated the Demon after ring malfunction

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