WATCH: Hall of Famer gears up to face Becky Lynch

Watch Lita’s intense workout as she gears up to face Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

becky lynch
Raw Women's Champion

Becky Lynch is one of the most dominant performers on the WWE roster today. In the past few months she has come quite close to losing her title, but somehow she has always managed to retain the title some way or the other. Lynch has been a Champion since she returned to WWE at Summerslam 2020.

As soon as she returned, Big Time Becks challenged the then-Smackdown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair for the title. Lynch not only picked up a convincing win, but was able to pin the EST of WWE in 26 seconds. But within a few weeks of winning the title, she exchanged the title for the Raw Women’s Championship due to the Draft.

As the Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch feuded against Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan and Doudrop. She managed to walk out as the Champion on all the occasions. But her biggest challenge till date arrived at Royal Rumble – in the form of WWE Hall of Famer Lita. Initially, it seemd like Lita was going to feud against Charlotte Flair but that wasn’t the case.

The Royal Rumble winner, Ronda Rousey, was speculated to go after Lynch – but she took a swerve and challenged Smackdown Women’s Champion instead. WWE Hall of Famer Lita capitalized on the opportunity and challenged Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s title. The two Superstars are scheduled to collide at Elimination Chamber.

The WWE Universe is absolutely loving this feud – which involves a top Champion going after their childhood hero. Lita has been away from the ring for quite some time now and she is now putting in every effort to be prepared to face Big Time Becks. You can checkout her intense workout video here:

Lita is elated to face Becky Lynch

becky lynch

The Raw Women’s Championship is going to be on the line at the Elimination Chamber. Becky Lynch will defend her title against Lita in Saudi Arabia. During an interview with Denise Salcedo the WWE Hall of Famer had revealed that how elated she was when the idea for this feud was pitched to her.

They hit me at a great time, right after the match. Literally like, sweaty, like right coming out, ‘what do you think about facing Becky in a couple of weeks?’ And I was like, ‘what? Yes. Oh sh-, did I say yes?’,” mentioned Lita.

Elimination Chamber airs live on 19th February, 2022.

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