What happened to Brock Lesnar’s ear? Is he deaf?

Brock Lesnar's weird-looking ear has worried a lot of fans about the well-being of the Beast Incarnate. Know the reason behind his peccuiliar ear.

What happened to Brock Lesnar’s ear? Is he deaf?

Brock Lesnar (via-MMA fighting)

Brock Lesnar is a former mixed martial artist, football player, and professional wrestler. Brock Lesnar is one of the most dominant superstars in WWE history. He has defeated many big superstars like The Rock, John Cena, The Undertaker, and many more during his ongoing career. Lesnar is a fearless athlete who has never backed down from a challenge.

He dominates his opponents no matter what their height or weight is. His agility and strength help him to quickly throw his opponents away in no time. Even at the age of 45, he is throwing the heaviest of the wrestlers, like Omos, with ease. Lesnar uses his martial arts techniques during his matches, as he is a former UFC fighter too. Brock had injured many superstars during his career, which made his character scarier than ever. 

In this video, the reason behind Lesnar’s weird look ear has been revealed

Fans are worried about Brock’s weird-looking right ear and have a misconception that he might be suffering from a serious disease. But actually, it’s a deformed ear, as he is suffering from a condition that many MMA fighters and amateur wrestlers usually suffer from. This deformed ear is known as cauliflower ear, and it only happens when the ear experiences some kind of trauma. Brock Lesnar sustained the trauma that caused this problem, but it got worse with time. Brock Lesnar’s ear has worried many fans.

This ailment is known medically as “auricular hematoma.” Blood pools behind the external ear’s skin, which can occasionally result in lifelong deformity. Before joining OVW in 2000, Lesnar competed in college as an amateur wrestler. His injuries occurred at that time. An otoplasty procedure can remove the deformity, but since it acts as a “badge of honor,” most fighters choose not to medically fix it.

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How Brock Lesnar maintains his fitness?

lesnar fit
Brock Lesnar working out (via WWE)

Brock has remained a role model for many of his fans, even those who are new to the wrestling field. His muscular physique has always been the talk of the town. He has won titles in the NFL, WWE, UFC, and NCAA, in addition to being an NCAA champion. His above accolades prove that he is always required to maintain his physique with heavy, regular workouts and a proper diet.

Professional wrestling is a challenging sport to compete in. You lose speed if you are big. You wouldn’t likely be a large, bulky combatant if you were a speed demon, and WWE requires you to be both. So to wrestle in WWE and get the top spot, a wrestler needs to have both flexibility and a huge muscular body at the same time.

Brock, since his debut in WWE, has always maintained a great physique, but a few years back his body seemed to develop fat and then he met with a car accident. After that, he became a farm boy who used to eat vegetables, homemade foods, and meat from different animals.


He worked harder, and with this new diet, he made his physique bigger than ever. Lesnar has never revealed the details of his diet. He once said that while he was competing in the UFC, he consumed roughly 3,200 calories and 300 grams of protein per day. All his life, Lesnar has led a very disciplined and hardworking life.

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