Three possible reasons why Dwayne Johnson made surprise return to WWE on SmackDown

The potential reasons for why Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson surprisingly made an appearance on SmackDown has made it to the list of top three possibilities list.

Three possible reasons why Dwayne Johnson made surprise return to WWE on SmackDown

The Rock on SmackDown (via WWE)

The electrified crowd in Denver blew off the roof in Ball Arena on SmackDown last night. The Great One, The Rock, made an unprecedented appearance in the kickoff segment for Friday night. Having called upon the People’s Champion, Rock appeared to confront Austin Theory and shut his impolite mouth for the WWE Universe.


Pat McAfee, who indirectly called up The Rock for being on SmackDown, was the main reason for his appearance. A few hours before SmackDown, The Pat McAfee Show in Boulder, Colorado, saw Dwayne Johnson as the guest. Thus, the further trip to Denver was seemingly planned for the stars, with a surprising segment.

The surprise left the WWE Universe shocked and speculating about why he even showed up. Whether this is a one-time appearance or not is the main question. But the three main reasons that make total sense surround the internet and sound reasonable enough to have happened. 

1. WWE-UFC merger

The takeover of WWE by Endeavor is a historic moment for the company. This marks the first time McMahons doesn’t have total control over the company and is operating under the banner of TKO Group Holdings. Due to this momentous sellout, Rocky could have been brought to the show to kick off the new era of WWE.

Triple H, Ari Emanuel and Dana White
Triple H, Ari Emanuel and Dana White (via Forbes)

This incident shows a resemblance to Johnson’s appearance on the premiere episode of SmackDown on FOX. Only this time, Endeavor is in control and needed a remarkable episode of SmackDown to display their prominence with WWE right from the start. The future of WWE with Endeavor looks bright due to this possibility.

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2. SAG-AFTRA strike in Hollywood

Dwayne is one of the highest-paid celebrities in the world right now. But Hollywood is in shambles with the ongoing strikes carried out by actors and writers. The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists looks to have no retreat until they get their needs fulfilled and get the deserving wages.

SAF-AFTRA Strike (via The Daily Beast)

Johnson, on the other hand, might not be a direct part of the strike and lack any acting projects. There is a possibility of his project’s delay due to co-workers being on strike. Considering this, his flare for having several appearances in WWE increases, and he sees a full-fledged storyline with a heel star.


3. Setting up a feud for WrestleMania 40

This specific possibility has never been lost in the darkness and sees a revival now and then. As The Rock faces Roman Reigns at WrestleMania for his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, which is the ultimate goal of his reign, the rumors have gotten stronger with the actual appearance of Rocky in WWE.

Roman Reigns vs. The Rock
Roman Reigns vs. The Rock (via YouTube)

The storyline seems to be developing on SmackDown, particularly with the Bloodline angle. Given Dwayne’s prominence, respect, and strength within the Samoan family, his challenge could be directly at The Tribal Chief. The championship would not play a huge role, but to bring down Reigns would be the aim of Rocky. With the dream match rumored for WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, WWE has ample time to construct and hype the match that fans have been waiting for.

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