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Find Out: Why Alexander Zverev has criticized Spanish footballer, Gerard Pique

Alexander Zverev hits out at Gerard Pique for his unnecessary involvement in tennis.

Alexander Zverev, Gerard Pique

Alexander Zverev has recently vented out his frustration in regards to the Davis Cup reform which was planned in 2019. The tournament was overhauled in 2019, on the back of a huge investment by Kosmos Group, which was founded by Barcelona footballer, Gerard Pique. The Spaniard also happens to be the President of the Kosmos Group.

Recently, 12 European clubs made an unsuccessful attempt to form a breakaway European Super League. This move by the clubs, was met by huge uproar from the fans, which led to the teams pulling out of the league. Gerard Pique himself tweeted a message in support of the fans, but Alexander Zverev has criticized the Spaniard for being two-faced.

Alexander Zverev lashes out at Gerard Pique

Alexander Zverev believes that if football is for the fans, then so is tennis. The German wants Pique to stay away from tennis, and keep the Davis Cup ‘unchanged.’ The multi-team tournament is one of the most prestigious events in the sport, and several players have hit out on the decision to revamp the tournament.

It’s not good if someone, especially a football star, comes and tries to ruin the history of tennis just for money. We saw it with football, the Super League. It worked great,said Zverev.

Meanwhile, Alexander Zverev is currently playing his home tournament in Munich this week. The German defeated Ricardas Berankis in the second round in straight sets. Next up, he faces Ilya Ivashka in the quarterfinal clash on Friday.

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