“That’s my idol” – Deontay Wilder showed his love and appreciation towards Muhammad Ali

Deontay Wilder once paid his respects to former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.

Deontay Wilder
Deontay Wilder

The name Muhammad Ali is closely associated with heavyweight boxing. Not only is Ali considered to be the greatest boxer of all time, but many fans around the globe believe Muhammad Ali is the greatest athlete of all time. Due to this, many fans in the modern era wonder how Ali would fare against modern day boxers such as Deontay Wilder.

A fan who probably wanted an answer to the same once asked Deontay Wilder if he could beat Ali in his prime. ‘The Bronze Bomber’ had quite an answer to the same. He replied, “You know, when it comes to Muhammad Ali, that is my idol, man.You know, Muhammad Ali is one of the reasons why I’m in this sport. He’s one of the reasons why I’m proud to say I’m the heavyweight champion of the world. So, unfortunately, this is a fantasy fight, and I wouldn’t wanna fight my man.

Deontay Wilder’s answers is a testament to the legend Muhammad Ali is. The 1960 Olympic gold medalist has inspired boxers and people from around the world.

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Deontay Wilder has 41 knockouts to his name

In modern times, the heavyweight division in the sport of boxing has been experiencing great times. With a lot of activity, the division has created excitement among the fans of the sport. While the division is stacked with powerful boxers, only a few can match up to the power of Deontay Wilder.

A bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Wilder made his professional boxing debut in the very same year. A force to be reckoned with, Wilder made a name for himself due to his knockout abilities. While Wilder was the former WBC heavyweight champion, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ has 41 knockouts in 42 wins. Wilder holds notable wins over the likes of Luis Ortiz and Dominic Breazeale to name a few.

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Through his resume, it his clear Wilder is a boxer with immense power in his hands. Fans around the world will look forward to Wilder replicating this immense power when he faces Robert Helenius on October 15th, 2022.

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