“I invest millions and get back millions,” $500 million worth Floyd Mayweather admits to being involved in the cannabis industry but wants to keep it lowkey 

The undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather reveals his involvement in the cannabis industry. Passive incomes can go a long way.

“I invest millions and get back millions,” $500 million worth Floyd Mayweather admits to being involved in the cannabis industry but wants to keep it lowkey 

Floyd Mayweather (Image credit- IMAGO)

Floyd Mayweather is the richest undefeated boxer on the face of the planet. Mayweather’s career lasted two decades, and he made his professional debut in 1997 at 19. Subsequently, he fought 50 times across his career and never lost a fight because of his boxing skills and prowess.


Mayweather has made a calculated decision that has always guaranteed his success inside and outside the ring. Hence, Mayweather garnered success in his boxing career and amassed a massive fortune from it. In an interview with Revolt, Mayweather recently spoke about several topics, like being an undefeated champ, business endeavors, etc. Subsequently, in the interview, the interviewer asked Mayweather if he would ever involve himself in the cannabis industry. Mayweather said, “I am into it right now. I invest millions and get back millions.”

Hence, Mayweather involved himself in the cannabis industry, but only as an investor, as he stated. In addition, though Mayweather does not smoke, he began discussing different strains, which displayed his knowledge of the subject. Mayweather has also stated that he likes to make smart decisions and back them up with hard work, even in business.

Furthermore, Mayweather revealed his involvement in the cannabis industry for quite some time and kept his involvement low-key. Mayweather stated that he always treated it as a passive income and never charged his close friends. Mayweather has quite an expertise in business which continues to make him huge money outside the boxing ring.


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Floyd Mayweather gets into cannabis controversy

Floyd Mayweather‘s “All Access” reality show on Showtime got him in trouble for cannabis use. The series was about him and his opponents during their training camp as they prepared for their fight.

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather (image credit- The Guardian)

Mayweather controlled what was aired as the series’s executive producer and was called in for questioning. Mayweather stated that the show was staged at a 5-person panel hosted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. A reality show sometimes could have staged events or the participants exaggerating things to heighten the drama.

Hence, Mayweather claimed that all items depicted in the show were fake, such as joints. Furthermore, Mayweather elaborated that he sold fights with his lifestyle, and it’s a part of the show. Mayweather has a track record as the most bankable star in boxing.


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