“He wanted me to put sharks to sleep” – Mike Tyson tells Joe Rogan how Dana White ALMOST got him killed

Mike Tyson and Dana White are close friends. The legendary boxer reveals how the UFC boss forced him to interact with "wild" sharks.

Mike Tyson Dana White sharks
Dana White and Mike Tyson
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Mike Tyson might be one of the scariest people to ever live but even a killer like Tyson is not too excited about getting into the ocean with sharks. Dana White, the UFC President somehow convinced the boxer to pull this ridiculous task off.

Dana White and Mike Tyson share a very close relationship and have been good friends for a long time. On the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the legendary boxer explains how the UFC president wanted Tyson to not fight in the ring at old age and instead wanted to try putting Sharks to sleep.

Dana helped Tyson get on the “Shark Week” TV Show assuming Mike could stay away from boxing but little did White know the fighter absolutely hated this idea. “I love Dana White, he’s my man. I don’t care, I can’t say anything bad about him. He said, ‘Mike, I don’t want you to fight. Lemme get you a job making some money. He gets me the goddamn Shark Week job,” said Tyson.

“I gotta put the shark to sleep now. He doesn’t want me to fight and get knocked out beat up but he wants me to go in there and put a shark to sleep,” said Tyson as he laughs it off with Joe Rogan. Rogan then jokes about if Tyson had been eaten by a shark and if it was all White’s fault.

“You wanna hear this? My wife thought it was a good idea too. These motherf**kers don’t care about me! They don’t give a f**k about me,” hilariously said Tyson as he was bursting out laughing on the podcast.

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“He was one of my favorites growing up” – Dana White STILL fanboys over Mike Tyson

Dana White Mike Tyson
Dana and Mike during a UFC event

Dana White is a huge celebrity himself. The UFC boss is no stranger to meeting top celebrities in the world of sports but despite sharing a very close relationship with the legendary boxer, Tyson, White has revealed that he still fanboys over the fighter.

Dana has revealed on several occasions that Tyson is his favorite athlete of all time. White grew up watching Tyson in his prime and he still can’t believe he is friends with him.

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“When Mike and I first became friends, the first thirty times I saw him I’d be like, ‘Holy sh*t that’s Mike Tyson.’ When I was growing up, it was Jordan and Tyson, man. I have been a Tyson fan since day one,” said Dana.

Tyson and Dana have been seen together in various UFC events and also on podcasts. Dana has been kind enough to do the Hotboxin podcast with the legendary fighter.

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