“Bring this little bi*ch up here!” Nate Diaz rages and drops ‘F slur’ against Jake Paul’s troll reporter and father

Nate Diaz got upset after getting fooled twice by the same disrespectful Betr reporter associated with Jake Paul.

“Bring this little bi*ch up here!” Nate Diaz rages and drops ‘F slur’ against Jake Paul’s troll reporter and father

Nate Diaz drops f bombs against Jake Paul and his father (Image Courtesy - The Sun/Fansided)

Nate Diaz will make his boxing debut in Dallas, Texas. The Stockton fighter has an impressive boxing base in MMA. However, he has yet to try his hand at boxing. Nate Diaz will fight Jake Paul in his debut bout. The build-up to the fight has been polarizing as Diaz remains uninterested in promoting the fight. However, Diaz lashed out at the reporter who disrespected him at the last press conference.


The reporter Derek from Betr Media once again came to the press conference to ask questions. However, this time, it turned out to be another insult as Derek again antagonized Nate Diaz with his line of questioning. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” is a beautiful saying, and Diaz scorched Jake Paul and his team this time.

Diaz said, “Bring this little bi**h up here and get him the f**k out of here. There is a lack of respect from a lot of pu**ies in this fa**ots camp. This little f**k right here needs to get his ass whipped. And f**k your dad too. F**k your whole sh*t.” This is the first time Diaz got upset during the build-up to the boxing fight. Derek from Betr needs concern from the Stockton fighters.

The Stockton-based fighters are known for their brawls outside of the ring. Diaz himself had a brawl in New Orleans before the fight got booked. The Diaz brothers also caused a big brawl during the Strikeforce days. Messing with the Diaz brother could go wrong unless Derek plays a character to promote the fight. Jake Paul did promise Diaz earlier that he would fire Derek from the company, but that hasn’t happened.


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Teams of Nate Diaz and Jake Paul almost scuffled during a face-off

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz faces off
Jake Paul and Nate Diaz faces off (Image Courtesy – Sports Illustrated)

Jake Paul is coming off a loss against Tommy Fury. It also was the first loss of his career. Paul decided to skip a KSI fight to compete against MMA superstar Nate Diaz. Paul once again follows his routine of choosing old MMA fighters for his boxing bouts.

The fight will happen in Dallas, Texas, and has ten rounds. Paul competed in eight rounds for the majority of his career. However, things almost got heated before the fight. After the face-off, Team Diaz almost scuffled with Team Paul and several securities.

At that time, fans accused Jake Paul of hiding behind his father as the video captured him doing so. Jake Paul hiding behind when the real conflict happened became the talk of the town. However, it does not matter, as Paul will have the chance to shut people up by defeating Nate Diaz.


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