“They can’t handle me,” Ryan Garcia ignites explosive rant taking shots at KSI and Jake Paul with bold knockout challenges

Boxer Ryan Garcia slams influencers KSI and Jake Paul, amongst others, in light of being paired in a losing scenario against them.

“They can’t handle me,” Ryan Garcia ignites explosive rant taking shots at KSI and Jake Paul with bold knockout challenges

Frustrated by comparisons, Ryan Garcia takes dig at KSI and Jake Paul (Source: Pinterest/IMAGO/Twitter)

Former world boxing champion Ryan Garcia has offered YouTube sensation KSI the opportunity to enter the ring many times. The boxing phenom is keen on crossover bouts as such; but not at the cost of his own legacy. Very recently, Garcia found himself on the end of numerous relentless callouts. The undefeated fighter, with a 23-win streak, recently faced a skid to multi-weight champion Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis in a non-titular bout this year.

Now, the boxer shares explosive feedback on KSI and Jake Paul, amongst others. Garcia has pitched in on matchups with influencer boxers like Jake Paul, and KSI. Influencer-turned-boxer Nurideen Shahid Shabazz, popularly known as Deen the Great has been a prime vocal callout to Garcia.


With a large following on social media, he transitioned into boxing and maintained an undefeated stature. Garcia is, however, tired of the comparisons to such prospective opponents. In a recent interview with Showtime Sports, he said:

I’m being disrespected by like… stupid YouTubers. Like Deen the Great… All these random dudes. They just be thinking they could beat me up, bro. What are you talking about? They haven’t even boxed half the year I boxed... I've been disrespected because they tell me about Deen the great, and Anthony, and Ugly Boy Taylor - whatever his name is. I have been nboxing since I was 7 years old man. I'll blow them out the water the same day…they can't handle me.

Garcia has been a vocal supporter of Influencer Boxing, even going so far as to advocate Paul for what he’s done in the ring in April 2022. But he is tired of seeing his own status diminishing in the fallout. Recently, Garcia and KSI have engaged in banters as well.

KSI had questioned whether Garcia’s bout against Oscar Duarte should have to be on pay-per-view. Correspondingly, the boxer reacted negatively.


Earlier in the day, Garcia said Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury, Amanda Serrano, and Katie Taylor were “all-time greats,” and he described eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao as the “GOAT. But he dismissed rival KSI out of hand while maintaining himself to be above.

KSI and Jake Paul squabble over Pay-per-view buy-ins and earning

Two of YouTube’s biggest stars turned boxers have taken to Twitter to continue their war of words. Last year, influencer boxers KSI and Jake Paul spat on each other’s pay-per-view statistics. The duo had been primed as a dream pairing for a boxing matchup for very long. The scuffle, in question, was about their upcoming boxing bouts.

Jake Paul and KSI fought over pay-per-view buy-ins, instigating a long standing rivalry
Jake Paul and KSI fought over pay-per-view buy-ins, instigating a long-standing rivalry (Source: talkSport.com)

On August 6th at Madison Square Garden, Paul was to fight Hasim Rahman Jr. The main event was held in New York. The price for the event on Showtime pay-per-view was $59.99. Meanwhile, KSI squared off against fellow YouTuber Alex Wassabi at the O2 Arena in London on August 27.


The bouts aired on DAZN pay-per-view. Tweeting on the same, Paul had boasted about his earnings, while KSI blamed him for disassociating from his origins.

KSI began an amateur boxing career in 2018 when he defeated fellow YouTube personality Joe Weller by TKO. In the aftermath of the fight, he called out Paul and his brother, Logan, for a fight. Jake’s fight was to be with KSI. After the call-out, he ended up posting tweets mocking KSI, thus instigating the rivalry. Logan Paul and KSI did manage to morph their own squabble on a positive note though, later on.

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