“Million dollars on escrow”- Tyson Fury confirms his bet of 1 million dollars with Jake Paul for his fight

Tyson Fury confirms his bet of 1 million dollars with Jake Paul for his fight, read more to find out what and how it went down

Tyson Fury and Jake Paul are back at it again! In June, Jake Paul made the announcement that his rematch would take place on August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, with the well-known female boxer Amanda Serrano appearing on the undercard.

When Eddie Hearn, owner of Matchroom Boxing, disclosed last week that Paul will face Tommy Fury, Tyson’s half-brother, he caused a stir. The two were scheduled to fight in December but the 8-0 prospect and former reality TV personality were forced to withdraw due to a rib injury, so even though the fight hasn’t been officially announced, it is the most likely scenario considering that Paul has previously defined his return date.

Jake Paul is acknowledged as a qualified boxer. He hasn’t lost a game and has beaten some tough opposition. Despite having competed in the ring against previous MMA fighters and boxing champions, Jake turned professional in 2020. Since then, he has displayed impressive development and promise. Jake Paul’s current fame may only be acknowledged to a certain extent, though. To name a few, he has attacked Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson, and Canelo Alvarez calling them out for a fight.

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“We’re gonna make it happen”- Jake Paul agrees to the betting terms of Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury and Jake Paul
Tyson Fury and Jake Paul

Jake has agreed to Fury’s demand that $1 million be placed in escrow as payment for their wager. On August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Paul will square off against Tommy Fury. The WBC Heavyweight Champion and “The Problem Child” are betting on the outcome of the fight in advance.

The opening wager made by “The Gypsy King” was a $100,000 wager on “TNT” winning the fight. As is Jake Paul’s want, Tyson Fury granted his request for a $1 million wager. But he stipulated that the funds be kept in escrow. In essence, this means that a third party keeps the money until the betting date and then distributes it to the winner.

Jake stated, “Alright this just in, the heavyweight champion of the world has responded and he did it with the perfect eyes Instagram filter on, fruitcake. Tyson, what the f**k you doing bro? But you do wanna bet a million, okay got it. A million dollars and that’s all you wanna bet, alright you wanna go with some chump change like that, no problem. I’m already in contact with your lawyer Robert and my team is in touch with him so we’re gonna get the money into escrow and make it happen.”

The WBC Heavyweight Champion declared that he will retire from fighting after having accomplished all that was possible in the sport. He was chastised by many for retiring too soon, too. Tyson then responded to Jake Paul’s response, by stating, “Put a million dollars on escrow, bitch”

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