“One of the unique things,” Bryan Danielson opens up about why he chose to sign with AEW over WWE  

Bryan Danielson recently lost the Anarchy in the Arena fight against The Elite.

“One of the unique things,” Bryan Danielson opens up about why he chose to sign with AEW over WWE  

Bryan Danielson (via Wrestling News and 411MANIA)

Bryan Danielson has established himself as a legend in WWE, winning countless championships throughout his tenure. However, after losing the Championship vs. Career match against Roman Reigns, it was reported that his contract had expired later that week. On September 5, 2022, The Dragon made his surprise debut for AEW and has been wrestling there since.

While speaking in an interview with 6abc, Bryan Danielson talked about why he gravitated toward the Jacksonville-based company. He stated that what he liked about AEW was that they were always the ‘wrestling-first’ kind of company. Meanwhile, in his opinion, WWE always tried to capture the attention of more casual fans by adding an entertainment factor to it.

The 40-year-old wrestler said that the two hours of the Dynamite show included more wrestling than the three hours of Raw. Many fans criticized him and said Danielson only went to the Jacksonville-based company because he needed money. A few months ago, the former world champion announced that it would be his last year of full-time wrestling.

I think that’s one of the really unique things about AEW if you were to do a comparison of the two, like just watching the shows, you’ll see that there’s a lot more wrestling in the two hours of Dynamite than there is even in a three hour RAW, and sometimes there’s more wrestling on an AEW Dynamite show than there is on RAW and SmackDown combined.
Bryan Danielson via 6abc

He and Tony Khan had a solid relationship, with Khan expressing his readiness to do whatever it takes for him. Khan expressed his desire for “The Dragon” to sign another contract and retire in AEW. Only time will tell what the future holds for Bryan Danielson.

Bryan Danielson revealed his next step as his wrestling career is nearing an end

The entire wrestling world was shocked after Bryan Danielson announced that this would be his last year of full-time wrestling. Although he anticipated the year to be one of his career’s best, it didn’t unfold as he had hoped. The 40-year-old star addressed the issue and announced his future.

Bryan Danielson
Bryan Danielson (via AEW)

On the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, the former world champion engaged with the crowd through a backstage promo. He talked about how this year was supposed to be his last year in professional wrestling, but he failed to find any success. Danielson reflected on his losses throughout the year, but the one that hurt the most was his defeat against The Elite in The Anarchy in the Arena match at Double or Nothing.

However, when he learned about the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, he was fired up once again. He expressed his desire to win the tournament and earn himself an opportunity to challenge Swerve Strickland for the AEW World Title at Wembley Stadium. It will be interesting to see whether he manages to end his final year on a high note or not.

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