“They woke a monster!” Caitlin Clark FIRED up after getting snubbed from Olympic team

Caitlin Clark will get some much-needed rest after playing basketball for eight months straight.

“They woke a monster!” Caitlin Clark FIRED up after getting snubbed from Olympic team

Caitlin Clark is fired up after getting snubbed from Team USA for Paris Olympics

Caitlin Clark fans are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that she won’t be a part of Team USA for this year’s Paris Olympics. With the sort of year she has been having, it was going to be a tough task to omit her from the team. Understandably, the decision has been made and she will not go to Paris. However, it seems it has woken up something in the all-time leading scorer in NCAA history.

Fever head coach Christie Sides was asked by reporter Chloe Peterson during their practice today about Clark being dropped from Team USA.

Little disappointed of course, she is my player. That's the hardest team in the world to make. We talked actually on the bus. She got the call on the bus, I just tried to keep her spirit. The thing she said was 'Hey coach they woke a monster', which I thought was awesome.
Christie Sides said

Sides knows that Team USA comprises the best of the best players in the WNBA. Therefore, to get in would be an accomplishment beyond measure.

However, the second-year head coach also knows that a player with an extremely high scoring average so far will only use that snub as a motivation. This reaction shows that Caitlin Clark wanted to make the team.

However, Team USA’s decision to go with experience and chemistry eventually meant she could not be on this Olympic team. But on the bright side, Clark will get some much-needed rest and the ability to build chemistry with her Indiana Fever teammates.

Caitlin Clark finds silver lining from omission

Clark herself was asked about the potential fallout from not making the team, specifically the opportunity to get much-needed rest. The rookie saw the positive side of the things.

I've loved competing every single second. But it's gonna be a great month for my body to get rest, get healthy, and get a bit of time away from basketball. Just find some peace and quiet for myself. But then additionally like, a great opportunity for us to work and get and better. To work on things that I want to get better at, that I maybe didn't have time going from college to the pro season. I'm looking forward to it.
Caitlin Clark said

Caitlin Clark talked about rest. She has been constantly playing basketball since October. If anything, she would appreciate the rest that the Olympic month would give her.

Unlike the players already on the WNBA roster, Clark has been playing basketball non-stop since October. The existing WNBA players are already rested considering last year’s regular season finished in September.

The additional rest will help her rejuvenate her body. But more importantly, have time to build chemistry with her Indiana Fever teammates. Something that is more crucial for the young squad.

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