“He’s not gonna get a max deal!” Charles Barkley warns Warriors management to take tough decision on Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson had zero points in his 32 minutes of play against Kings.

“He’s not gonna get a max deal!” Charles Barkley warns Warriors management to take tough decision on Klay Thompson

Charles Barkley and Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors’ defeat to the Sacramento Kings left the Dubs’ fans in a state of shock. It’s evident that someone had to face the wrath of the fans, and in this particular match, it was Klay Thompson, who had the worst performance of his career. He is now a pending free agent, and the Warriors don’t seem to have much hope for him. As a result, Charles Barkley had a message for Thompson that seemed to poke fun at both his age and contract.


Charles Barkley expressed his worries about the future of the Warriors and its roster. Barkley took a direct and scathing shot at Klay Thompson on Inside the NBA after the game, stating that he didn’t receive a max deal – a somewhat accurate statement. He discussed how the squad needed youthful guys and not the old players.

They don't have to make it hard decision on Klay's. klay not going to get younger. Do you sign him for three or four years more years, which he won't. That's the elephant in the room. Do they because they got to make a decision on him. And listen, we all love Klay and Klay wants a max deal, and he's not gonna get him a max deal. 
Charles Barkley said

It’s somewhat true that the Warriors require fresh blood, as stated by Barkley. HC Steve Kerr, on the other hand, has a different opinion and favors Thompson staying. He believes the squad needs him and that he still has a lot to offer.

Klay Thompson thinks he has a lot of time for free agency

After signing a five-year deal of $190 million for the Warriors back in 2019, this season was the last of it and now Klay Thompson has headed towards unrestricted free agency. Now after the Play in defeat, Thompson was surrounded by reporters and they had a question which was about his free agency thought.

Considering, it's April 17th, I don't think I have to pivot that quickly. When is free agency? July 1st? Yeah, I got some time. I got some time. 
Klay Thompson told the reporters

Regarding his future with the Dubs, Thompson is quite composed and is not taking any chances. But given the huge wages they are paying, the front office will be taking a little more of a backseat. However, they cannot ignore the reality that Thompson is a player of a certain caliber who played a key role in the Warriors’ four consecutive championships.

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