WATCH: Crowd has an extremely underwhelming reaction to Tom Brady’s iconic “Let’s f**king go” on FOX

Brady was present at the FOX Upfront to find out about his part of the FOX Network.

WATCH: Crowd has an extremely underwhelming reaction to Tom Brady’s iconic “Let’s f**king go” on FOX

(L) Tom Brady and (R) Gordon Ramsey (Image via IMAGO)

Tom Brady and Gordon Ramsey are two massive names in their respective fields. They were united on the FOX Upfronts on Monday night for a special reveal for the first game of the Dallas Cowboys season.

Brady stood next to Michael Strahan and joked that it was nice not getting hit by the former New York Giants player. Historically, Brady struggled against the Blue half of the Big Apple, losing twice in the Super Bowl.

This is what broadcast media does, bring former foes on the gridiron together. Brady will begin his career with the FOX Network in September and will also be part of the Super Bowl coverage in New Orleans. He even joked about unretiring for the second time.

Strahan joked that they were going to recreate one of his tackles. Just then Gordon Ramsey runs onto the stage, screaming Brady’s iconic line, “Let’s fu**ing go!!”

Unlike sports analysts or athletes, Ramsey was the only one who could properly say the F word on television. However, the famed chef insisted that the former New England Patriots quarterback should be allowed to say his catchphrase without any beep.

Brady will be present in the FOX box when the Dallas Cowboys take on the Cleveland Browns on September 9 at Dawg Pound.

Tom Brady once roasted Gordon Ramsey’s cooking

The 46-year-old knows how to handle a joke about himself. However, he can also do the same against others. Last year he took a cheeky dig at the creator of Hell’s Kitchen, claiming that he could make better grilled cheese sandwiches.

WATCH: Crowd has an extremely underwhelming reaction to Tom Brady's iconic "Let's f**king go" on FOX
Former NFL quarterback Tom Brady (Image via IMAGO)

Brady even demonstrated his craftsmanship with the culinary arts by making his style of GC. And even added that the secret to his sandwich was ‘Goat’s Cheese.’ He later called Ramsey on his number to let him know.

The 15-time Pro Bowler further shared that he loved Avocado Ice cream, which he learned to make from MasterChef finalist Nick DiGiovanni. He was initially skeptical about the combination of dates, avocado, and coconut water.

TB12 is famous for his diet and healthy lifestyle. He has been a preacher on consuming organic, unadulterated food. It’s perhaps the reason Brady has managed to keep himself NFL-ready even at 46.

He has already made one comeback, and judging by his physique and hunger for glory, it will not surprise anyone if he just leaves broadcasting and suits up for another shot at football.

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