Dan Orlovsky roasts Stephen A Smith for his fashion sense in hilarious banter between the two

Stephen A Smith was on the receiving end of some brutal roasting from Dan Orlovsky in a recent podcast.

Dan Orlovsky and Stephen A Smith

Dan Orlovsky might have retired from NFL, but his fighting spirit has definitely not toned down a bit. He surely knows how to give it back and he showed everyone just that while roasting famous American TV personality Stephen A Smith on a podcast recently.

You might wonder, why the former Detroit Lions quarterback would do so, its because a few days ago Curry had dished out a bit of roast on his fashion choices.

Dan Orlovsky was at the receiving end of a similar roast from Smith a few days back

Orlovsky took the opportunity on a live show showing everyone a sequence of photos he had collected of Stephen A Smith from his past appearances in the media.

“First of all, don’t talk about my hair, when it looks like you got lined up with a fork. Secondly, I went on the internet and found this- It looks like you’re wearing Michael Spears’ suit,” said Dan Orlovsky of the first two pictures which he showed on camera.

Orlovsky next pulled out a 10-year old picture of Curry, which had him wearing a turtleneck, when the quarterback quipped, “Second of all, don’t talk to me about wearing a sweater when you’re wearing a turtleneck underneath.”

“Third of all, you’re wearing suits that match the colour of my coffee in the morning. What is the colour of this suit? It’s hideous. Get a different suit… You’ve got a fake chain on… Come on,” Dan Orlovsky finished off in a hilarious segment to which Smith could only retort back with a single excuse that the pictures were all about 10 years or so older.

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