Darren Waller discloses near-death experience in retirement video: “It was a very scary situation”

Waller has had issues with substance and alcohol addiction in the past.

Darren Waller discloses near-death experience in retirement video: “It was a very scary situation”

Darren Waller discloses a near death experience which played a part as he retired from the NFL (Image via Imago)

The now-retired Darren Waller has had a tumultuous life while playing in the NFL. Getting addicted to alcohol. Then checking into rehab and getting sober. Then marrying a WNBA superstar and became one of the best tight ends in the NFL.

Now the former New York Giants’ tight end revealed something that shook him up. In his retirement announcement video, the former Pro Bowler revealed that he had a near-death situation.

It was a very scary situation. I ended up going to the hospital for 3 ½ days. Couldn’t stand up and, use the bathroom or feed myself. It was an experience that would kinda sober somebody up and just make them think, at least. And it’s pretty clear I almost just lost my life. And I don’t know if I really feel like if I would've died that I would’ve felt great about how my life was going if I died at the time.
Darren Waller said

The situation Darren Waller is referring to is something that took place in November last year. A situation that made him think about life and football.

He was in New Jersey at the time when his team traveled to take on his former team, the Las Vegas Raiders. He went for a video shoot for his music album and when he returned; he felt feverish and had difficulty in breathing. After trying to ease himself, he figured it was only becoming worse.

That is when he decided to call 911 and seek their help. The now former New York Giants tight end revealed that the experience had made him think about his life.

Darren Waller and his football career riddled with addiction

Waller entered the NFL as a wide receiver. Despite being a 6th round pick, he kept his spot with the Baltimore Ravens and was mostly used in scenarios to move the chains. Then in the next year, head coach John Harbaugh suggested him to convert to a tight end. That opened the door for him to use his 6′ 6″ frame and decent speed to make plays from inside the field.

Former New York Giants tight end has had an injury and suspension riddled career in the NFL
Former New York Giants’ tight end has had an injury and suspension-riddled career in the NFL (Image via Imago)

But then, the NFL suspended him for the first four games in 2016. They then did the same for the entire 2017 season due to substance and alcohol abuse issues. The league reinstated him in 2018 after he underwent rehab. But then, he was cutting it out on the practice squad when the Las Vegas Raiders came calling. In his first season with them, he posted a total of 75 yards. But in the following year, he posted more than 1000 yards and was named a Pro Bowler.

One more 1000-yard season later, the injury bug hit him hard. Then he was traded to the New York Giants, for whom he played in a total of 12 games, posting a mere 552 yards. Now it is clear he wants to leave it all, as he prefers to be healthy.

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