“Always trying to be the victim” – Draymond Green points out the hypocrisy in officiating when he’s on the receiving end, fans react

Fans felt Green wasn't entirely wrong about the officials not acknowledging fouls committed on him.

“Always trying to be the victim” – Draymond Green points out the hypocrisy in officiating when he’s on the receiving end, fans react

Draymond Green

Draymond Green and the Warriors end the season series against the Lakers, as they win, 3-1. The Dubs are on their way to securing a spot in the Play-In, looking to contend for the 7th seed in the tournament. Not only that, but the Warriors made 26 triples, which is the second most in franchise history. Green had five of his own, shooting over 70% from the distance.


Regardless of his best shooting performance of the season, Green discussed the hypocrisy behind the officials. Green was suspended indefinitely after he had hit Jusuf Nurkic in the face earlier this season. Along with that, his other flagrant/technical fouls have made his image worse from the referees’ perspective. However, the 34-year-old pointed out an instance from the game that he did not appreciate.

Yeah it was cool. Steph was standing there. Which was great because he heard how the referee talked to me and he went immediately from talking to me to like 'Yo, you can't talk to him like that'. I think that's the wackest part about it like you can say and speak to me however you feel but if I ever say something back, it's a tech... I get hit in the face ever single game... I hit someone in the face, I get thrown under the jail. But when I get hit in the face, we don’t see it.
Draymond Green told the reporters

Draymond’s relationship with the referees has deteriorated immensely over the last two or three seasons. With his history of getting technical fouls and flagrant, the officials don’t seem to pay attention to the fouls committed on Green.

Fans on Twitter supported Draymond Green for his words

While Draymond Green did not get any acknowledgments from the officials during the game, his words did get recognition from the fans on the internet. Draymond did make his point, but his past does play a role in this scenario.


With just three games left in the regular season, the Dubs are hoping to contend for the 7th seed in the Play-In. Following the win against the Lakers, they are one game behind the 9th seed. If the Kings go on to lose one of their next games, the Golden State Warriors will have a chance to battle for the 7th seed in the Play-In tournament.

Their schedule includes the Blazers next, followed by the Pelicans and the Jazz. It will be interesting to see if the Dubs finish off the season strong, as they prepare for their second Play-In tournament appearance.

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