What is Green Bay Packers Jordan Love’s Madden 24 overall rating?

See the latest Stats of Packers QB, along with his Passing attributes and Qualities in Madden 24!

What is Green Bay Packers Jordan Love’s Madden 24 overall rating?

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Madden’s player rankings—which are usually controversial—do, at least, provide a fair appraisal of each team’s strengths and weaknesses. The Green Bay Packers have always supported selecting quarterbacks in the first round and letting them rest and develop. Jordan Love is one of the interesting prospects in recent seasons. His form in Madden 24 has been constantly on the up, and he looks like one of the ones to join the Elite List soon.

He was chosen as the 2018 New Mexico Bowl MVP and was a member of the second-team All-MWC (2018) while playing collegiate football for the Utah State Aggies. Since Jordan Love has earned the position of the starting quarterback, it’s important to take time to evaluate the prospect he is Madden 24. American football player Jordan Love is a quarterback (QB) for the Green Bay Packers in the National Football League (NFL). His Madden 24 Attributes are listed below.


Jordan Love in Madden 24

His Skills of throwing from various arm angles and running the hurry-up offence like his predecessor is second to none. Although Jordan Love’s Madden 24 ratings are still a little low despite his increased dependability as a starter. This isn’t the case for the other members of the Green Bay Packers. Although they have strong players on both sides of the ball, Love’s strongest advantages are in the running game and at the line.

Madden 24 J Love
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81 General Ratings

  • 81 Speed
  • 85 Acceleration
  • 62 Strength
  • 77 Agility
  • 77 Awareness
  • 85 Jumping
  • 92 Injury
  • 84 Stamina
  • 89 Toughness
87 Passing-specific Ratings
  • 90 Throw Power
  • 90 Throw Accuracy Short
  • 85 Throw Accuracy Medium
  • 89 Throw Accuracy Deep
  • 85 Throw on the Run
  • 85 Play Action
  • 85 Throw Under Pressure
13 Receiving Ratings
  • 21 Catching
  • 10 Spectacular Catch
  • 13 Catch in Traffic
  • 12 Short Route Running
  • 11 Medium Route Running
  • 10 Deep Route Running
  • 14 Release

54 Ball-carrier Ratings

  • 61 Carrying
  • 31 Trucking
  • 73 BC Vision
  • 37 Stiff Arm
  • 45 Spin Move
  • 52 Juke Move
  • 44 Break Tackle
  • 71 Break Sack
  • 75 Change of Direction
15 Defense Ratings
  • 24 Tackle
  • 10 Power Moves
  • 10 Finesse Moves
  • 19 Block Shedding
  • 29 Pursuit
  • 14 Play Recognition
  • 9 Man Coverage
  • 10 Zone Coverage
  • 16 Hit Power
  • 9 Press

Blocking Ratings

  • 12 Run Block
  • 12 Pass Block
  • 17 Impact Blocking
  • 12 Run Block Power
  • 15 Run Block Finesse
  • 13 Pass Block Power
  • 15 Pass Block Finesse
  • 13 Lead Block

17 Kicking Ratings

  • 20 Kick Power
  • 19 Kick Accuracy
  • 12 Kick Return

On Madden NFL 24, Jordan Love has an Overall Rating of 75 with the Field General Archetype. Love masters the passing techniques and is always on the top accuracy list of Madden 24. With the 91 Throw Power and 87 Throw Accuracy, almost every throw is guaranteed to reach its target. The 6-foot-4, 219-pound quarterback’s elite arm and classic intangibles may have made him a first-round choice in 2023. But Love was able to convert promise into advancement with a cool head and poise in the pocket.


J. Love has spent the last few years serving as Aaron Rodgers‘ backup. Jordan Love is now officially in charge of the Green Bay Packers offence, and as a result, his Madden 24 rating is rising. Naturally, there’s always a chance that the weekly Madden 24 roster update will cause things to change again. Both of them were undeveloped players who needed to work on several key areas of their game, such as throwing motion and accuracy in decision-making. Stay tuned for the latest updates and more.

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