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Alinity comments on xQc’s claim of Texas Streamer Houses being toxic

Alinity talks about the comments xQc made on Texas Streamers! Read More Here!

Alinity, one of the biggest female streamers on the Amazon owned streaming platform, Twitch, has recently opened up on her experience with streamers from Texas after xQc calling them out.

She tweeted the text in response after hearing what xQc had said about streamers from Texas with whom he had not had a pleasant experience at all stating that the atmosphere there was “extremely hostile”.

Alinity comments on xQc’s claims on Texas Streamers

By now, you might have heard that xQc had talked about his time at the Texas Streamer house where he experience near daily “swattings” which led him to move out in the end.


xQc also opened up about how he felt while living with the streamers alongside him and said that he found that the atmosphere was “overly competitive” and “extremely hostile”.

Even though xQc might have had a bad experience in the state of Texas, other streamers have made their disagreement with the juicer known with one of the most prominent ones being Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon, one of the most famous female Twitch streamers.


Alinity took to Twitter to announce her thoughts on the matter and it seems that she is in total disagreement with what Lengyel has to say about the streamers who lived in Texas alongside him.

She said that the few disagreements that she had actually had with the streamers from Austin were only because of her own stupidity and not because the people were toxic or bad per se.

Natalia Mogollon

Another instance was when Cloud9 Team Manager and Musician, Kala, also held the same opinion as Alinity as she stated in her tweet : “Was on LSF earlier and saw the sh*t about Texas streamers. My experience with them has been super positive, @Alinity, @Sodapoppintv, @simplyn64, @MitchJonez, @EsfandTV have all been really nice to me and I legit didn’t hear any drama about people while I was there.

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Alinity had responded to Kala’s tweet by pointing out she thought the same way and had also tweeted about it recently and that she was super confused about the entire thing.

It would seem that everyone who has been associated with the crew has a different viewpoint on the entire thing and xQc’s is only a part of it in the bigger picture.

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