“Back to the car thief he goes”: Fans blast xQc as he unfollows nyyxxii on social media hinting at a possible breakup

“Back to the car thief he goes”: Fans blast xQc as he unfollows nyyxxii on social media hinting at a possible breakup

xQc and nyyxii

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel might be facing some trouble in his personal life, or rather his relationships as he recently unfollowed nyyxxii, a partnered Twitch streamer who was dating the 27 year-old content creator. The duo shared some intimate moments during one of xQc’s livestreams but now it appears that they have split up as they no longer follow each other on social media.


The prominent Twitch streamers have not addressed the issue publicly on their livestream or personal social media accounts, but fans are sure of a ‘beef’ between them as xQc had unfollowed his ex ‘Adept’, months before confirming on his livestream that the two had indeed split up.

The alert came through a Twitter account named ‘Big Streamer Alerts’ which informed everyone that xQc had unfollowed nyyxxii. As fans checked the account of the latter streamer, they found that she too no longer followed the former professional Overwatch player.

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xQc gets brutally trolled after recent breakup rumors

"Back to the car thief he goes": Fans blast xQc as he unfollows nyyxxii on social media hinting at a possible breakup
Image Credits: xQc’s Twitch livestream

When xQc confirmed on his livestream that nyyxxii is his girlfriend, fans poured in congratulatory wishes as the streamer was finally able to move past a ‘toxic’ relationship. His ex-Adept became the target of trolls when this new ‘relationship’ was announced, but she took it quite sportingly claiming that she cannot ‘diss‘ on a girl who is living her best life.

This made viewers shift their focus on Felix Lengyel, as nyyxxii started appearing in most of his streams, and the duo even shared a kiss, making fellow streamers such as Adin Ross go gaga over the couple. But this atmosphere was thrashed, when xQc claimed that he is not in a relationship but is rather dating ‘nyyxxii’.

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The Twitch sensation took to his livestream to address the issue that dating and going into a relationship with someone are poles apart and therefore, fans shouldn’t spread false rumors. Following this, nyyxxii was never to be seen in his livestreams, and earlier today rumors of a possible break are floating in the streamer’s community.


Surprisingly, fans are not too amazed with this discovery as they thought that it was quite predictable. They also highlighted how xQc doesn’t seem to catch a break, making his personal life ‘messy‘. Another user wrote, “Back to the car thief he goes”, brutally trolling him, as there might be possibilities that he can go back to Adept who revealed to have an indirect ownership of the streamer’s McLaren.

Even though xQc and Adept had broken up with each other on September following a huge drama on Discord, they were spotted together often and even at TwitchCon 2022. The two, however, rubbished the rumors of patch up, claiming that they have moved on and living their own life.

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