“Stop victimising yourself!”: xQc and Adept’s breakup turns messy after the couple call each other on-stream

“Stop victimising yourself!”: xQc and Adept’s breakup turns messy after the couple call each other on-stream

xQc invited Adept to a call after she called out xQc for announcing their breakup publicly

xQc had recently announced on his stream that he and his long-time partner and fellow streamer adeptthebest had broken up their relationship, citing increasing friction between the two for some time now.


Adept had responded to xQc revealing this to his audience, being upset at him for revealing this situation publicly even after she had requested him to give her some privacy for the moment. The couple came together on a call and it didn’t take long for things to turn messy.

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xQc called manipulative by Adept, call ends with Adept in tear

"Stop victimising yourself!": xQc and Adept's breakup turns messy after the couple call each other on-stream
The couple had been dating on and off for some while now

xQc and Adept had been dating for a long time but had kept their relationship under the covers, claiming they were “just roommates”, making their relationship public only in March 2021. However, speculation began regarding their breakup when keen-eyed fans observed that the two streamers had unfollowed each other on their social media.


xQc recently came forward, announcing on his stream that the reason he couldn’t attend Sh*tCamp, a decision which fanned quite some controversy at that time, was due to some family conflicts and his breakup happening at that time. The streamer explained-

"I love my brother, I love my family. Okay? But he and his girlfriend, and me and Sammy, we just couldn't be all at once, at one place. We just couldn't. It's not possible. There was friction when I was at my brother's house, and there was friction when we all got here. It was just very odd."

xQc went on to state how this conflict led to a lot of chaos between him, Adept and his family. He claimed he had to choose between Adept and her family, and he ended up choosing his family. He also took the blame for the breakup.

Adept later on reacted to xQc’s announcement of the breakup and was upset at him declaring this incident publicly despite her request to keep the whole situation under wraps until she was comfortable announcing it. She commented-

"Yeah, of course, he’s only saying nice things about me to f*cking manipulate everyone, like I get that. I don’t know why he feels like he needs to announce things. I asked him to give me a moment of privacy so that y’all didn’t do exactly what the f*ck all of you are doing right now"

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Tensions boiled over after xQc, after reacting to Adept’s statements, decided to invite her to a call to discuss both their perspectives to not complicate things. Things became messy quite quickly as both of the started levelling allegations against each other regarding everything leading up to the breakup.

Adept claimed xQc was at the centre of so many controversies at the moment because of his careless attitude, and his blaming others for his actions. He also hit at Adept, claiming she called his family “psychopaths”. The call resulted in Adept crying while shouting at xQc for allegedly “victimising” himself in the situation. He disconnected the call, getting fed up with the whole argument.

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