“He’s so angry!” Disguised Toast loses his cool as chat annoys him and Lily is the first victim of his bans

This article talks about how Toast's viewership annoyed him so much that he decided to ban LilyPichu to vent hiss frustration.

Disguised Toast and LilyPichu
Disguised Toast and LilyPichu

Disguised Toast is not one to lose his cool frequently. The popular streamer is known for his friendly and humorous demeanour, but he does on rare occasions cry or get angry. The latter of which happens when he is playing League of Legends with LilyPichu and Yvonnie where he is known to be extremely toxic and this time was almost similar apart from the fact that they weren’t playing League and he just ban Lily because she annoyed him too much.

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Why did Disguised Toast ban LilyPichu?

Toast when Lily decided to give her opinion on the ban issue
Toast when Lily decided to give her opinion on the ban issue

“Chat if you spam another game suggestion without me asking for it” Toast said in a rage, “I will perma-ban you, and when you ask to be unbanned I will not unban you”. Toast has been doing a viewership stream recently in which he will not stop streaming unless the viewer count goes below a certain number. The count increases every 1 minute and 30 seconds and it seems Toast was pretty exhausted because of this.

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What did LilyPichu do?

“Behave children!” Disguised Toast said displaying how intense his annoyance was. “Why is he so angry?” Lily wondered unaware of the events to transpire. After saying this he banned a person to use as an example for the others who were bugging him. “That doesn’t sound healthy” Lily expressed her opinion after which he asked for her username. Just like that without hesitation Toast managed to ban LilyPichu showing what a terrible mood he was in.

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