Top 5 emerging players of Valorant Champions Tour 2023 season

The players that have impressed us the most.

Top 5 emerging players of Valorant Champions Tour 2023 season

The Valorant Champion Tour or VCT 2023, season has officially come to an end for the year. The season ran its course for over 7 Months, 4 regions, 32 franchised teams, and three global events. With the Finals of Champions 2023 commencing last night, Evil Geniuses have been crowned the champions for the year against all odds. The other teams did not go out without a fight; they put up some spectacular performances, winning everyone’s hearts. Even among the best of the best, some players stood out the most this valiant competitive season.


They came in as newbies, unnamed and unknown to the community but they ended the season leaving impressions in every single Valorant lover’s mind. These players not only put up amazing performances but also made a huge impact on how the game is played.

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Players who turned fans’ heads during the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 season

5. Cauanzin

Cauanzin Valorant champions tour 2023

Cauan “Cauanzin” Perera is the 18-year-old initiator player for LOUD. Coming into the year Cauanzin had big shoes to fill as he replaced the 2022 Valorant Champions winner and veteran “Sacy”. Caunzin put on brilliant performances mainly on Skye and Sova with an average rating of 1.20 and an ACS of 225.75. He impressed everyone during LOCK // IN with his utility usage and mechanical skills. He was undoubtedly the best initiator Player in the Americas League and led his team to victory in the League.


This 18-year-old was one of the main reasons why LOUD looked almost unbeatable in maps like Ascent. He was often overshadowed by the likes of Less and Aspas on the team. His real worth was understood when LOUD had an abysmal performance during Master Tokyo, where he underperformed massively. Cauanzin’s form did make a comeback during Champions 2023, where the team made a deep run into the top 3. He was a pivotal part of LOUD this Year and emerged as a great valiant player in the VCT circuit.

4. Leo

FNC LEO  Valorant Champions Tour 2023

Leo “Leo” Jannesson is the Swedish initiator player for Fnatic. He was always on the scene playing with teams such as Guild X who could not perform well at the Top. It was only after he joined Fnatic that the world saw the Hidden Gem. He put on an absolute Initiator Master class during his First Tournament LOCK// IN where he was chosen the MVP of the tournament.

Besides having an Average rating of 1.20, he is known for his Util usage and game sense. Additionally, the community was amazed by this young gun’s ability to clutch important rounds and set his team up for success. He was without a doubt the best Intiator player of the Valorant Champion Tour 2023 season and the key to Fnatic’s success of two back-to-back majors.

3. Zmjjkk aka KangKang

EDG ZmjjKK Valorant Champions Tour

Zheng “ZmjjKK” Yongkang is the star duelist player for the Chinese giants Edward Gaming Valorant team. He was the one who put China on the map in the Valorant Pro scene. During Master Tokyo, Zmjjkk( KangKang) put on an absolute god-tier performance and solo carried his team to playoffs. His form continued to Champions 2023 where finished 5th-6th with his team.


He mainly played duelist agents Jett and Raze and had an ACS of 263 throughout the Season. His unbelievable mechanical skills and confidence to take fights aggressively made everyone his Fan. He is the best Operator player in the Valorant scene. This is what makes him so entertaining: his charisma out of the game. Every time he clutched a round or got multi-kills, he would make a gesture towards his opponents. Everyone tried to play like him in ranked servers. He is one of the standouts -outs this year.

2. Something

Paper Rex something Valorant Champion tour 2023

Ilya “Something” Petrov is a 21-year-old Russian duelist player for the team Paper Rex. Something was an unknown entity at the start of the year as he was busy destroying Japanese teams in tier 2. He was picked mid-season by Paper Rex to replace their IGL Benkai and add some much-needed firepower to the roster. He debuted during the Pacific League and took the world by surprise with his GamePlay.

Even though he played half the season and could not attend Master’s Tokyo due to Visa issues, he amassed an ACS of 230 at an average rating of 1.10. What made him so impressive was his incredible mechanical skills and movement. He was popping off with Jett, using unbelievable movements and aim, and also made Reyna look like a viable option in Pro-Gameplay. made massive contributions to his team winning the Pacific League and coming up as a runner-up in Champions 2023 recently. Something took the “W gaming” motto of Paper Rex to a new level.

1. Demon1

EG Demon1

Max “Demon1” Mazanov is the duelist player for the North American gaming organization Evil Geniuses. Just like Something, Demon1 was a mid-season pick-up after EG suffered poor performance during the Americas League. He brought a much-needed energy boost to the team and put up big numbers for them. With a little help from team Mibr, they managed to make it to playoffs and ultimately qualify to master Tokyo.


He was trolled as a “Rank Player” by the community and Demon1 took it personally. He and his team played extraordinarily well and managed to finish second Place in Master Tokyo. After the community undervalued their run at Master Tokyo as a fluke, they proved everyone wrong by winning Champions 2023, and Demon1 was at the center of it all. He ended the year with an ACS of 250 and an average rating of 1.31, playing Jett and Astra.

Demon1 shut down all the haters by taking over the server and shooting heads. He was not only a menace in but also out of the server as he trashed and talked to everyone he could. Demon1 served as the villain in Champions 2023, shooting bodies and tea-bagging everyone. But he backed up his Trash talk with phenomenal performance and immense perseverance. He was the Rookie of the Year for the Valorant Champion Tour 2023 season.

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