Ex-Celtics star Paul Pierce wants LeBron James to go back to the Cavs for his farewell with son Bronny if Lakers lose the play-in game

LeBron James wants to play alongside his son as he nears retirement.

Ex-Celtics star Paul Pierce wants LeBron James to go back to the Cavs for his farewell with son Bronny if Lakers lose the play-in game

Paul Pierce suggests LeBron James should move back to the Cleveland Cavaliers to play alongside his son if the Los Angeles Lakers flame out

As the 2023-24 season draws to a close, the question of LeBron James‘ future still brings everyone to the discussion table. With his player option coming up, questions are still asked as he heads into his final few years. Paul Pierce thinks James should return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he could play out his farewell tour alongside his son Bronny James if the Los Angeles Lakers lose their play-in game.


On yesterday’s episode of Undisputed, while discussing where Bronny James could end up, they talked about his father LeBron James’ future. Paul Pierce suggested that:

Say the Lakers lose in the play in or lose in the 1st round. It's time for Bronny to come in. Then they flame and lose in the play in, I would consider, if I was Lebron, being traded back to Cleveland. Bronny gets picked up by Cleveland, and Bron has his farewell tour with his son right there.
Paul Pierce vis Undisputed

Pierce added that if the Los Angeles Lakers were to go on a deep playoff run, it could affect Bronny joining the Lakers. Therefore, how they finish their 2024 season will affect Bronny James’ future.

Pierce suggested that James Sr. should consider playing out his final years with the Cleveland Cavaliers. That is if the Lakers flame out of the play in tournament. That would mean that the kid from Akron would say goodbye to the NBA from his hometown team.


LeBron James has a player option lining up just after the NBA Draft. Therefore, it is highly likely that the Lakers position at the end of the year, as well as the outcome of the Draft, will help shape the direction.

LeBron James and Bronny to the Cavaliers

The suggestion of the Cleveland Cavaliers never struck the minds of anyone until Paul Pierce suggested it. Going back to their hometown of Cleveland will be a dream scenario for both father and son. As Pierce suggested, Donovan Mitchell has no intention of continuing with the Cavaliers. Therefore, the spot will be vacant for James to slide in and be their leader.

The Cavaliers will have the financial capability to take on the massive contract James will command. Moreover, a trade with the Lakers will mean that the team will get back a superstar in return. That could help them regroup without having to rebuild.

The only question mark surrounding this possibility is that the James family has relocated completely to Los Angeles. Going back to their hometown at this stage seems like a far-fetched probability. However, the end-of-the-season situation will shine some light on any potential moves.


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