Jacques Villeneuve asks Daniel Ricciardo to not make things ‘personal’ following the latter’s ‘eat sh*t’ remark

Jacques Vileneuve and Daniel Ricciardo have been in the limelight since Canada for all the wrong reasons.

Jacques Villeneuve asks Daniel Ricciardo to not make things ‘personal’ following the latter’s ‘eat sh*t’ remark

Jacques Villeneuve and Daniel Ricciardo (Via: Imago)

The Canadian GP saga between the 1997 world champion, Jacques Villeneuve and current RB driver, Daniel Ricciardo has taken another turn. The former has urged Ricciardo to not make things personal over his Canadian GP comments.

At last week’s Montreal event, Jacques Villeneuve made a scathing ‘why he’s in F1‘ remark on Daniel Ricciardo. He openly criticized the latter’s performances over the last few years, but at the end of it all, it was the Australian who had the last laugh.

After qualifying in P5, he was asked to give his view on Villeneuve’s comments and Ricciardo blatantly said ‘eat sh*t.’ Following this, the former has again come up with a response and urged the RB driver to not make things personal.

His reaction was a little bit personal and he’s a role model, like all these 20 [drivers]. You’re at the top level, you have to be responsible in your answers, and professional because kids are listening to you. You cannot make it personal.
Jacques Villeneuve via Sky Sports

Ex-F1 driver wants to see consistency from Daniel Ricciardo

While Villeneuve has advised the eight-time race winner to be wary of what he’s saying, he still stands by his Ricciardo remarks from the Canadian GP. The Canadian feels the latter needs to keep performing consistently.

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo (Via: Imago)

The 34-year-old managed an eighth-place finish in the Montreal event.

He was quick, but you’re only as good as your last few results. We need the same thing for the next few race weekends. 
James Villeneuve said in the same interview

Daniel Ricciardo has proved second-best against his RB teammate, Yuki Tsunoda this year. The bulk of the scoring for the Faenza-based team has been done by Tsunoda. The Japanese driver has so far amassed 19 points in comparison to Ricciardo’s nine.

However, the Honey Badger’s performance in Canada will give him immense confidence going into the rest of the 2024 F1 season. Next up on the F1 calendar is the Spanish Grand Prix and considering this, it will be fascinating to see how Ricciardo would perform around the free-flowing Barcelona circuit.

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