“He even raced alongside my dad,” Max Verstappen extremely mesmerized by Fernando Alonso’s ‘passion’ for racing despite being in his 40s

Fernando Alonso is the oldest driver on the 2024 F1 grid.

“He even raced alongside my dad,” Max Verstappen extremely mesmerized by Fernando Alonso’s ‘passion’ for racing despite being in his 40s

Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso (Via: Imago)

Fernando Alonso, the two-time world champion, has been competing in F1 since 2001. He has also ventured into trying out other racing categories over the years, and with him still performing at an extremely high level, Max Verstappen has not held back from showering immense praise on him.

During the ongoing 2024 F1 season, Fernando Alonso has already put on board 31 points in an average AMR24. The car is not the best on the grid but despite this, Alonso has been able to put it toward the north end of the grid on most occasions.

Max Verstappen looks up to the 42-year-old as an inspiration and has always had kind words to say about him.

What I find really fascinating, beyond the enormous talent Fernando has shown over all the years, is how passionate he is about wanting to perform at the highest level even now. And there is his general love of motorsport: helping develop junior drivers and running his go-kart team. Fernando even raced against my dad. He is 41 (42) and a completely different generation.
Max Verstappen said in a recent interview

The 26-year-old has made it quite clear that he is extremely fascinated with the kind of passion Alonso still has for racing despite being in his 40s. The latter also recently put pen to paper regarding a new multi-year deal with the Silverstone-based Aston Martin F1 team.

Aston Martin had ‘concerns’ whether Fernando Alonso would extend his contract

While Alonso is tied to Aston Martin for at least a few more years, it has recently been revealed by Mike Krack that he had doubts whether the former would actually sign a new deal with his team. Alonso has been racing for the green outfit since 2023.

Mike Krack (via IMAGO)
Mike Krack (via IMAGO)

Moreover, he ended the campaign in fourth place in the Drivers Championship.

When you see how he is working, when he’s there, how he is interacting, you see there is only 100% for him. And you understand also that when he says there is no life around that, it is true. So considering that I had some concerns that he was going to say: ‘no, I want to do something else in life’, I was very happy to see that he loves F1 more than private life.
Mike Krack in an interview with Autosport

Fernando Alonso is an absolute legend of the pinnacle of motor racing. He is the oldest driver on the current grid, but despite this fact has shown no signs of slowing down. The Spaniard still has all the skills in his arsenal to keep giving the young guns a run for their money for at least a few more years!

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