Max Verstappen claims he’s ‘looking forward’ to races without ‘too many kerbs’ after Canadian GP victory

Max Verstappen admitted that he was eager to compete on tracks where kerbs would not be a major issue for Red Bull.

Max Verstappen claims he’s ‘looking forward’ to races without ‘too many kerbs’ after Canadian GP victory

Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

Max Verstappen had a challenging weekend in Montreal. The Dutch driver seemed to have initially struggled with a lack of grip. Nevertheless, the three-time world champion crossed the chequered flag in first place to take yet another victory this season. Verstappen admitted that he was hopeful regarding the upcoming races.

Red Bull has faced issues with kerbs on-track in recent few races. This has become a major setback for Milton Keynes as Max Verstappen struggled to continue his dominance on tracks like Miami. The 26-year-old confessed that he was looking forward to races where kerbs would not be such a major issue on-track.

I'm also looking forward to some tracks maybe where we don't really need to take too many kerbs or too many bumps.
Max Verstappen said post-race

Max Verstappen highlighted that the 2024 season has witnessed different teams having an edge on certain circuits. The reigning world champion claimed that this was making the season more exciting. As the Dutch driver has a harder time trying to clinch victory at the pinnacle of motorsport after dominating in the past two seasons. F1 will head to the Spanish GP in two weeks time.

You can see every weekend so far, some teams are a bit stronger at particular tracks, and I guess that in a way makes it also very exciting.
Max Verstappen stated

Max Verstappen happy to bounce back after Monaco GP struggles

Verstappen and Red Bull had a disastrous outing at the last race in Monaco. The Dutch driver was not even in contention for a podium finish in the streets of Monte Carlo, a track which Milton Keynes used to dominate in the past. Nevertheless, Max Verstappen and his team managed to turn things around to defeat the likes of Lando Norris and George Russell in Montreal.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez
Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez (Via: Imago)

The Dutch driver claimed that he was glad to take the race win in Canada. Max Verstappen highlighted that it was usual for teams to have difficult weekends. However, the three-time world champion emphasized that it was more important how the team managed to understand its limitations and manage to fix its issues for the future.

It's been a challenging weekend for us again but to come out of it as a winner, I take that. You can have difficult weekends, but it's important to know where it got wrong, we know where we are lacking and what our limitation is. It just takes time to fix it.
Max Verstappen explained

Certainly, the Canadian GP victory is a massive boost for Max Verstappen and Red Bull. The Dutch driver has once again solidified his position as the favorite for the 2024 world title. However, it is clear that Verstappen is no longer going to have smooth sailing for the remainder of this season.

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