“Both Lewis and Jackie are knighted but…”: English TV Presenter Nick Knowles questions journalist’s agenda against Lewis Hamilton

British news presenter Nick Knowles has spoken out against a correspondent David Kent who did not mention Lewis Hamilton's knighthood despite writing "Sir" in front of Jackie Stewart's name throughout his article.

Lewis Hamilton and Jackie Stewart
Lewis Hamilton and Jackie Stewart

Formula 1 has always been a sport for the elite society and till now, Lewis Hamilton remains to be the only black driver to have ever driven in the highest league of motorsports. The fact that Lewis Hamilton is an exceptional racer and probably one of the most skilled drivers in the history of Formula 1–is agreed upon by the majority. Yet, there are some motorsports enthusiasts who are not comfortable with the fact that at age 37, Lewis Hamilton is still trying for his eighth shot at winning the World Championship title.

The Mercedes racer, who started out in F1 in 2007 with McLaren, is currently in his 15th year as a Formula 1 driver and he does not seem to show any signs of slowing down. But a shocking report by one David Kent claims that Sir Jackie Stewart, three-time F1 World Champion, had already asked Lewis to retire. Now, BBC Presenter Nick Knowles has spoken out about Kent’s apparent partiality towards Jackie Stewart’s title as he did not mention “Sir” before Hamilton’s name even once even though the former has only three World Championship titles as opposed to Hamilton’s seven.

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Nick Knowles gets into “title” controversy as he points out how Lewis Hamilton’s knighthood was not mentioned in an article about his retirement

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

In a shocking news report written by a correspondent by the name of David Kent, it said that Jackie Stewart had mentioned retirement to Lewis Hamilton after the 2022 season of Formula 1 as the racer is already 37 now. Throughout the article, there have been many mentions of Sir Jackie Stewart and Kent has used the proper title in front of his name but in case of Lewis Hamilton, who was knighted a couple of years ago for his extraordinary contribution to Britain’s sports scene, the writer did not mention “Sir” preceding his name at all.

Questioning David Kent’s improper way of addressing Sir Lewis Hamilton, Nick Knowles tweeted to his followers saying, “Can you spot the difference? Both Lewis and Jackie are knighted but David Kent chooses to use the honorific only for the three times WDC not the 7 times WDC? What could be the difference between them to diminish one in this writer’s esteem? I wonder?”

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