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“There’s no room for racism,” Lando Norris, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso speak out in support of Lewis Hamilton

The drivers show unequivocal support for Lewis Hamilton against the racist comments made by Nelson Piquet.

Lewis Hamilton

After the clip of Nelson Piquet using the Portuguese phrase ‘neguinho’ on a Brazilian podcast last year surfaced recently with reports and on social media, there was a widespread backlash against the Brazilian. The term translates to the n-word in English, which is considered to be a racial slur. Lewis Hamilton himself criticized the Brazilian on social media, in a series of tweets.

There were also calls for action against Piquet, and against racism in all sports itself. The FIA, celebrities, and many drivers came out in support of the Briton on social media. It does seem that some action has been taken. As reports from BBC Sport’s Andrew Benson indicate, Nelson Piquet may be banned from the Formula 1 paddock for life.

Piquet’s honorary British Racing Drivers’ Club membership has also been suspended following the racist comments against Lewis Hamilton, and it is likely it will be terminated soon. More drivers, like Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, and Hamilton’s fellow Brit Lando Norris have come out in support of Hamilton.

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The drivers are unequivocally against racism

The drivers kneeling in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. Lewis Hamilton in the centre.

Sebastian Vettel, who is known for supporting a variety of causes, and being outspoken in his activism, spoke out in support of Lewis Hamilton, saying that this was something Hamilton must have been through his entire life: “I think it’s more than just the recent days, it’s probably what he and his family have been through his entire life.”

He was joined in this by Fernando Alonso, who said that there is no room for these types of comments: “There is no room for these types of comments. The most important thing for us drivers is to show support for Lewis and stand up for him.”

Lewis Hamilton’s fellow British driver, Lando Norris also spoke out against racism, saying: “This isn’t something Lewis has had just recently. It is something he has dealt with his entire career. We know how strong a person he is, how he gets through these times. It is not an easy thing.”

Charles Leclerc, George Russell and Esteban Ocon also released statements on social media in support of Lewis Hamilton. In the recent Drivers’ press conference, Hamilton emphasized that there must be action against racist comments and acts and that there is a need for accountability.

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