F1 bosses demand major changes to next year’s Las Vegas GP schedule after a ‘brutal weekend’

The 2023 Las Vegas GP overall was a huge success!!

F1 bosses demand major changes to  next year’s Las Vegas GP schedule after a ‘brutal weekend’

Toto Wolff and Frederic Vasseur (Via IMAGO)

The 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix was a major success, but it has also garnered negative comments, especially from the F1 team principals. They believe that the timings of the various sessions of the three-day event were extremely peculiar, and it made life difficult for everyone.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix’s timetable was later than any event in the history of the pinnacle of motor racing. All the sessions were run very late at night, and it was hard to accommodate television viewers in Europe. Moreover, the ten F1 teams also had difficulty adjusting to the different time zones and the late-night events.


At the end of the Las Vegas GP, various team bosses addressed the issue, and Fred Vasseur, while talking about it with Motorsport, said;

If we have to improve, it’s perhaps the timing. It's not an easy one to find, if you want to have a decent timing for Asia, Europe, East Coast, West Coast.

Red Bull’s Christian Horner added that it was a brutal weekend for all the teams involved and issues need to be addressed. Looking at the reaction of the two bosses, it is quite clear how frustrated the teams were during the Las Vegas event.

 As a first off, of course, there are going to be many lessons to learn. Everybody is leaving Vegas slightly f***ed! One way or another it has been a brutal weekend for everyone behind the scenes.

The 2023 Las Vegas GP was the best race of the 2023 F1 season

While the Las Vegas GP has come under criticism for the timings that were selected for the race, the event overall was a major success. Especially the action that took place around the 6.201 km long Las Vegas Street Circuit. The action was simply breathtaking!!!

Las Vegas GP (Credits: Autosport)
Las Vegas GP (Credits: Autosport)

From the moment the 50-lap Las Vegas Grand Prix got going, it was all action until the end of the race. From the Turn 1 incident to Lando Norris’s crash to ultimately Max Verstappen winning the race in a three-way battle, the Las Vegas event was highly entertaining. Even the drivers acknowledged this at the end of the race.

Looking at everything that has been discussed above, one thing where the event organizers and F1 can look to improve things is the timings part of the event. There haven’t been many complaints regarding the racing, and thus, for next year’s event, the focus should be on finding a time that suits everyone well.

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