“Faster than a Ferrari pit stop” – Fans react as Carlos Sainz and father Sainz Sr. fix a tyre issue during the Dakar Rally

“Faster than a Ferrari pit stop” – Fans react as Carlos Sainz and father Sainz Sr. fix a tyre issue during the Dakar Rally

Carlos Sainz Sr, Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz

Carlos Sainz is an exciting talent in Formula 1. Carlos was signed up by Scuderia Ferrari from the 2021 F1 season onwards. And the Spanish driver has provided decent results. Sainz’s father, Carlos Sainz Sr. is a renowned driver in his own right. Sainz Sr. has been famous for his rally career. Carlos’s father even played a major role in the Ferrari driver’s journey to the pinnacle of motorsport.

Now, however when Carlos Sainz Sr. took part in the latest iteration of the historic Dakar Rally. It was time for the younger Sainz to join in to support his father. However, Dakar is a brutal event and car issues are common. As such, Sainz Sr’s Audi RS Q e-tron E2 suffered from a tyre or an axle failure. This forced the elder Spaniard to try and fix the issue with his son joining in to help alongside the co-driver Lucas Cruz.


A picture surfaced online, depicting Sainz Sr and Cruz trying to figure out the problem and get the car running again. Carlos Sainz too was there looking over at the entire process. Sainz may have been helping the other two by words of advice because we really couldn’t tell if he actually helped with the car. Yet it is still an amazing photograph of a father-son pair of racing drivers, which is not really common.

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Fans appreciate Carlos Sainz’s supposed assistance to father Sainz Sr

Carlos Sainz is accompanying father Sainz Sr at the Dakar Rally

After this picture was posted on Reddit, fans quickly responded. One user mentioned how the younger Carlos seemed like a child who wasn’t actually helping out his parent and rather just appeared to do. The user stated, “Looks like a kid ‘helping’ his dad. He’ll tell his mum how he and dad fixed the car, when all he did was pass him the spanner.” While another fan called out on this hilarious scene and said, “that surely has some meme potential.”


One user took a dig at Scuderia Ferrari‘s not-so-quick pitstops in recent times and said, “Faster than a Ferrari pit stop.” One fan remarked on Sainz Sr’s Red Bull-sponsored Audi and Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari connection. The fan replied, “Red Bull dad and his rebellious Ferrari son.” A hint at how sometimes a son turns out to not have the same tastes as his father. One fan commented on Carlos’s childlike look in the photo and stated, “Are ya winning, dad?”

Of course, Carlos Sainz would not be able to help his father because of the sporting regulations. Thus, the Ferrari driver could only stare at the scene and hope that his dad fixes the issue. This surely is a memorable photograph that might be used as a meme frequently online. But, this father-son duo is loved by the fans and we hope to see these two hit the track together one day as teammates soon.

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