“Does it have anti gravel mode” – F1 fans thrilled as Carlos Sainz gets his customized Ferrari 812 Competizione after a 6-month wait

Carlos Sainz receives a stunning Ferrari 812 Competizione at Maranello with a humorous nod by the Italian F1 giant.

“Does it have anti gravel mode” – F1 fans thrilled as Carlos Sainz gets his customized Ferrari 812 Competizione after a 6-month wait

Carlos Sainz receives a brand new Ferrari 812 Competizione

Carlos Sainz is one of the more talented drivers in Formula 1. The Spanish driver made his mark in the Red Bull junior F1 team, Toro Rosso before having a couple of short stints at Renault and McLaren. Sainz then got the dream call-up to join Scuderia Ferrari for 2021 and beyond. In the two seasons at the Italian squad, Carlos has proved himself as a formidable challenge to teammate Charles Leclerc.

There are a lot of perks when one races for Scuderia Ferrari. The biggest one perhaps is the opportunity to get your own Ferrari. And that’s exactly what Carlos Sainz received on December 20. Sainz finally got the delivery of his customized 812 Competizione at Maranello. The F1 driver was greeted by several members of Ferrari and even teammate Charles Leclerc.

Carlos Sainz had famously stated the Volkswagen Golf as his car few years ago

Carlos’s 812 is matte charcoal grey in color and appears to be a beast of a car. The hood also has a black stripe going horizontally. Interestingly, the car has ‘Smooth Operator’ written on the outside – a nod to Carlos Sainz’s favorite song to sing on the team radio since his time at McLaren. Multiple modifications have been made to suit the needs of the Ferrari driver, thus, resulting in a 6-month long wait for the car, which finally the Spaniard can enjoy. Perhaps this was the gift Sainz really wanted from his Secret Santa.

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F1 fans praise Carlos Sainz’s new ride

Carlos Sainz must have loved the ‘Smooth Operator’ reference by Ferrari

After images of the car appeared on Reddit, fans rejoiced on seeing the new grey beauty. One user was glad that Carlos Sainz finally got a new car and would not have to keep driving his old Volkswagen Golf. The user stated, “So he doesn’t have to drive his Golf anymore.” While another fan compared this 812 to superhero Batman’s famous Batmobile and said, “It looks like the Batmobile.”


Few users on the other hand took a more humorous approach. One fan referred to the ‘Smooth Operator’ badging on the car and took a dig at Carlos Sainz’s crashes in F1 this year. The fan asked, “Did they write that before all the crashes?” Another user called out Sainz’s run-offs this season, where the Spanish driver was forced to drive on the gravel. The user commented, “does it have anti gravel mode?”

Nonetheless, Carlos Sainz deserves to have a Ferrari in his garage. Carlos may have had a rough 2022 season but he is still a talented and fast driver. Sainz also achieved his first win in F1 this year at Silverstone and heading into 2023, the Spaniard would hope for more. Until the season opener, however, Carlos can enjoy his new car during the remainder of the winter break.

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