Felipe Massa claims Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso won’t ‘change much’ against Max Verstappen in the RB19

Max Verstappen has operated on a whole new level during the 2023 Formula 1 season.

Felipe Massa claims Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso won’t ‘change much’ against Max Verstappen in the RB19

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso (via IMAGO)

The 2023 Formula 1 season has only two races remaining on the calendar. Max Verstappen has decimated his competition in the mighty RB19 and ahead of the upcoming Las Vegas GP weekend, former F1 driver, Felipe Massa has claimed that even if Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are sat alongside Verstappen in the other RB19, they won’t be able to change much.


Sergio Perez, the other driver on the Red Bull F1 team, has not been able to pose a potent enough challenge in front of Max Verstappen during the ongoing 2023 F1 season. He has struggled massively in the other RB19 and has come under immense pressure for his woeful performances.

Seeing Verstappen’s dominance, Felipe Massa is convinced of his might and while referring to former world champions, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

As long as Max is happy and the team wins both the drivers' championship and the constructors' championship, I think it would be wise to leave things as they are now. What Max is demonstrating this season is of an unprecedented level. Even if you put Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso in the other car, I'm not sure it would change much.Β Maybe a little, but believe me, even they wouldn't beat Max.
Felipe Massa told Formulapassion

Massa has made a pretty big claim and is surely going to have the Formula 1 paddock talking about his brave opinion in the upcoming days.


Max Verstappen is the favorite to triumph at the Las Vegas GP

While Felipe Massa has made his opinion known about the 2023 run of Max Verstappen, the latter has been pretty much flawless during the ongoing campaign. He has so far managed to win seventeen of the twenty races that have taken place so far and this could be one of the reasons from where Massa’s opinion could have stemmed.

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen
Christian Horner and Max Verstappen. (Image via IMAGO)

The 26-year-old has quite comfortably led the ongoing campaign and has not faced much resistance from his rivals. Sergio Perez is the closest to him in the driver’s championship, but the gap between the two is extremely substantial. As things stand, Verstappen has so far managed 524 points in comparison to Perez’s 258.

With the inaugural Las Vegas GP just around the corner, Max Verstappen is going to have his eyes set on doing something sensational in front of the thousands of fans at the Las Vegas strip. Several eyes will be on his RB19 during the upcoming three-day carnival.

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