Fernando Alonso summoned to the stewards for criticizing Miami penalty decision

The Alpine driver, Fernando Alonso passed snarky comments about the Formula 1 stewards at the press conference ahead of the Spanish GP.

Fernando Alonso

The sixth round of the Formula 1 weekend has commenced in Spain and has concluded its Free Practice 1 session. We come here after witnessing a great spectacle in Miami, which hosted the first race in the United States this year. The French team, Alpine and their driver, Fernando Alonso were left raging after being handed an unfair time penalty post race.

The Spaniard had quite an eventful race in the streets of Miami. The two time world champion was penalised with two time penalties for his actions in the race. The first one was handed to him for his collision with the Alpha Tauri driver, Pierre Gasly. The second was a result of him cutting the chicane and gaining an advantage on Mick Schumacher. The Alpine protested against the second time penalty as they firmly believed that their recruit had significantly lifted and let go off any advantage thus gained.

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“It was very unfair and it was just incompetence from the stewards” Fernando Alonso lashes out ahead out the Spanish GP

At the press conference ahead of the Spanish GP, the infuriated driver made harsh comments about the Formula 1 stewards. Alonso saidWe believe that it was very unfair and it was just incompetence from the stewards They were not very professional in Miami. I missed one corner and then I gave back the time on the lap, but obviously after you miss one corner, there is the sector time just after that corner, so the [purple mini-sector] colour [comes up]. They took the decision without asking [for] any proof.”

The Alpine team rushed to the stewards with evidence against the second penalty following the Miami Grand Prix. The 2005 world champion shared his experience by saying “We arrived after the race with all the proof and all [the data showing] the time back that we gave and they were just packing up. They were not even in the room. We came there, we showed them all the data. So, they said ‘give us five minutes’. And then they found themselves with their hands tied, probably because they issued the penalty already and they didn’t know how to get back from that document.”

The Spanish driver concluded by adding “So, it was very bad and honestly… it’s already the past, but it is something that should not happen in Formula 1, with professionals and the standards that Formula 1 has right now.” These savage remarks against the stewards have really echoed in the Formula 1 paddock. The driver in his home race faces a potential penalty for such ruthless comments against the officials.

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