Fernando Alonso claims the clash between him and Lewis Hamilton in 2007 could’ve been avoided if Lawrence Stroll was the McLaren boss

The Spaniard is left with a sour taste in his mouth because of his previous team principal in 2007 and how the things eventually played out

Fernando Alonso claims the clash between him and Lewis Hamilton in 2007 could’ve been avoided if Lawrence Stroll was the McLaren boss

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Ron Dennis (Via IMAGO)

Aston Martin’s lead river Fernando Alonso has taken a dig at his previous team principal at McLaren in his first stint with the team in 2007. He has stated that any other team leader would have done a better job than Ron Dennis had done as both the drivers eventually lost out to Ferrari’s Kimi Räikkönen.

The Spaniard has taken this dig at Dennis, explaining how there was no hierarchy in the team and the drivers were given too much power without any repercussions. He explained that if there was any other team leader like Flavio Briatore, the previous team principal at Renault, or even Lawrence Stroll; the situation would have been under control.

“We were young[Lewis Hamilton & Fernando Alonso], immature, I was the first, and we had many clashes. And then we had a boss who did not know how to control the situation because I believe that this would not have happened with Flavio Briatore, or with Lawrence Stroll"
Fernando Alonso said via DAZN documentary Fernando.Revealed(H&T motorsport.week.com)

The two-time champion was convinced that if it had been any other of his team principals, the situation would have been much better as there would been team orders to prevent the heights of rivalry within the team. The peak of the rivalry between them was when Alonso had purposefully held Hamilton in the box so that he wouldn’t be able to set a time in Q3, this led to far-reaching consequences for the drivers and how the team dynamics were not in control.

Where will Fernando Alonso end up in 2025?

The 42-year-old is currently performing at the top of his game and is regarded as one of the best racers on the current F1 grid. He is contracted with Aston Martin currently and is the team leader there as he finished an astounding 4th in the driver’s standings in the 2023 season.

Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso
Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso (image via IMAGO)

He is finding tenths out of thin air every lap if compared with his teammate Lance Stroll. The Spaniard has quite a few options in retrospect like gunning for a seat in Mercedes because of an outgoing Hamilton or staying at Aston Martin if they make any progress.


The time will tell where Alonso ends up going as he’s a hot pick in the driver’s market. His defensive ability, attacking ability, and strategic mindset make him a complete package for any team that wants experience and racecraft from any driver.

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