F1 set to make massive reshuffle for European Grand Prix’s in 2026 

The European Formula One race rotation starting in 2026 is advocated by Domenicali.

F1 set to make massive reshuffle for European Grand Prix’s in 2026 

F1 race {Via: Imago)

Many races, especially those outside of Europe, have had their contracts extended in recent months, with many of them going into the 2030s. Nonetheless, existing agreements in Europe expire after 2025 for Zandvoort, Spa, Imola, Monza, and Monaco. While Barcelona still has a race contract with F1 options, Madrid is announced as the new home of the Spanish Grand Prix starting in 2026.


It is anticipated that the Dutch and Belgian races will rotate in turn, increasing the total to 23 and creating a spot for a 24th race in 2026. Although there are currently no plans in place, Barcelona might be available for this race. One option that Formula One is looking into is the possibility of adding a new venue, which could involve going back to South Korea. When asked about 2026, Stefano Domenicali stated, that is a year where there will be a lot of grand prix, mostly in Europe, where they have different options that they can take.

I think in '26, you're going to see something interesting. We are discussing with other promoters in Europe to do something that will be announced soon. But Madrid will be a big boost. Because the event will be organised in a place where we'll be around the convention area to allow the opportunity for fans to live that event in an incredible way. But the focus in Spain is in Barcelona. There is a big commitment to do a great grand prix there in the next couple of years.
Domenicali said, as reported by autosport.com.

In his opinion, Madrid demonstrates something crucial for them; that is Formula One is still receiving attention on the old continent, where everyone was beginning to believe that they should leave Europe since there was no longer any interest. Beyond assured revenue streams, Domenicali underlined the value of long-term contract extensions, emphasizing the stability they offer for long-term event build-up.


The Dutch Drone Gods, who developed a camera system to track Max Verstappen around Silverstone, are partnering with Formula One.

Dean Locke, the broadcast director for Formula 1, has officially stated that the racing series is working with the fastest drone camera team, which recently faced off against Max Verstappen at Silverstone. Drones are beginning to be used in Formula 1’s television presentations, which is pushing the envelope.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (Via: X/Racefans, screenshot)

While camera drones are becoming more common in some sports, they present serious problems in an F1 setting. According to Locke, they are constantly experimenting with drones. But they still find it extremely difficult because of how quickly the cars are moving. Flying over crowds has become quite challenging because of these events, where over 400,000 people attend throughout the weekend.

Having said that, Locke has stated about having a meeting regarding the same with FIA and talking to companies for partnership. Locke has alluded to this year’s possible drone partnership with Dutch Drone Gods. A system created by the Dutch Drone Gods proved effective during an RB20 shakedown test. It is anticipated that Locke will include drones in his plans.

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