Frederic Vasseur frustrated with Ferrari’s inability to maintain “maximum potential”

The Ferrari team boss wants the team to focus on the negatives and extract the most out of its car this season.

Frederic Vasseur frustrated with Ferrari’s inability to maintain “maximum potential”

Fred Vasseur

Scuderia Ferrari has failed to provide a challenge to Red Bull Racing in the opening two rounds of 2023. The Italian team is on the backfoot, with Charles Leclerc even taking grid penalties in Saudi Arabia. Coupling this, with the drop in the pace of the Scuderia in the race, has raised concerns at Maranello. Team Principal Fred Vasseur is aiming to improve the team’s prospects over the course of the season.

The Ferrari team boss mentioned that the team is satisfied with its development approach as the team stayed within a couple of tenths of Red Bull in qualifying. Fred Vasseur said, “I think we are on the right way in terms of development.” The 54-year-old expressed contentment with the potential of the team. He continued, “But potential is one thing, and I think on the potential side we did a decent step.”

Charles Leclerc suffered a DNF in the season opener in Bahrain

However, Fred Vasseur urged the Scuderia’s need to sustain this potential throughout a race weekend. The Frenchman stated, “The issue is we have to stay at this maximum potential all over the weekend, and it’s not what we are doing today [Sunday].” Subsequently, this leads to the F1 team losing out on better results. Fred said, “we are not able to be at the maximum of our possibility.” 

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“We have to change,” Fred Vasseur on Ferrari’s need to understand its mistakes

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Ferrari had a rather underwhelming race at the Saudi Arabian GP

The 54-year-old did not hesitate to mention what his team had to do. Fred Vasseur stated, “We have to change. We have to understand where we are wrong, and we have to push.” The Frenchman was adamant that just speaking on these issues would not help Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in fighting for the F1 title. Vasseur confessed, “It’s not [good enough] to speak, we will not be faster like this.”

The Ferrari Team Principal further said that the team could not stay deluded and must confront its issues. He said, “we cannot bullshit ourselves.” This is in line with Charles Leclerc‘s comments in recent times as the Monegasque driver has fallen behind his rivals at Red Bull. Fred Vassuer has mentioned that his team will not focus on the positives from the Saudi Arabian GP.

Thus, Fred Vasseur will lead his team in addressing its new-found issues in 2023. The Frenchman joined the Scuderia in hopes of a turnaround at Maranello. The higher-ups at Ferrari have given the 54-year-old the task of winning the F1 title and bringing glory back to the Prancing Horse. Ferrari still has the potential of providing a challenge to Red Bull if the team can fix its issues in time.

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