Greg Maffei defends Monaco GP amid speculations: “F1 in Nice is not a weapon against it”

Liberty Media CEO responds after speculations about Nice replacing Monaco

The iconic Fairmount Hairpin at the Monaco GP
The iconic Fairmount Hairpin at the Monaco GP

Monaco is one of the oldest and most prestigious tracks in the history of F1. The first race ever was held on the circuit in 1929, and it has largely remained unchanged since. Formula 1 has been hosting races on the circuit for a very long time, and they currently have had a contract with the Monte Carlo authorities until 2022, and as we all know, the 2022 GP has already taken place. There has been speculation that the authorities might not continue with the circuit, as the races get boring due to the hard overtaking opportunities. 

Some drivers and fans are against removing the race, as it is a prestige for them, meanwhile others feel the same, that the races on the track have become too boring. At the same time, there have been speculations about Nice, a city in France, being the host to another street circuit race in the upcoming seasons, and so, to get that in, one of races might have to be replaced, and it could be Monte Carlo. F1 authorities have recently brought in many new street circuits like Saudi Arabia, Miami, and Las Vegas, any new ones MIGHT replace the prestigious circuit. 

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Greg Maffei thinks Monaco is wonderful

2022 Monaco Grand Prix
2022 Monaco Grand Prix

Liberty Media CEO thinks that Monte Carlo is wonderful and deserves the race, but there has to be something different. “Monaco is a wonderful place, it has the best deal of all the tracks on the calendar, and perhaps it deserves it. But there are some things that need to be the same as other races and present in every Grand Prix,” Pledge Times quoted him. 

Interestingly enough, there are also talks about the return of the South African Grand Prix, and even Liberty Media’s CEO stated that “I think things are looking good for it,” this certainly means that F1 would bring in more tracks, and one of the older ones would have to go. 

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