“We solve one issue, and we fall into another trap,” George Russell reveals Mercedes is failing to hit the sweet spot

George Russell reveals that Mercedes are facing new problems with every race

George Russell
George Russell
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George Russell has been performing exemplary this year, being the only driver scoring every race and also the only driver to finish in the top 5 every race, he has earned himself the title of Mr. Consistent. He has also managed to do something that most of the people couldn’t; perform better than Lewis Hamilton as his teammate. He has managed to score 3 podiums and has been ahead of Hamilton in all races but 2, that has also made him score a good hold on the standings and points. 

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Though he has performed exceptionally, George Russell still could have pulled out a lot more if Mercedes performed the way they did until last year; they were the most dominating team. But with many issues this year, they have become a mid-field team, and this has been quite a surprise. Both Hamilton and Russell are working hard for the W-13 to perform well, but as the young Brit recently stated, there are new problems with the car every now and then. He stated that when they reduce the porpoising after adjusting the cars’ height, there are issues with the pace, otherwise they start hitting the ground too aggressively. 

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George Russell believes Silverstone could be a chance for the team

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell
Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

Russell stated that the high speed of the Silverstone circuit could be beneficial for the team, but he is not too sure about it. “ I’d like to think we’d be more competitive, but I don’t know.We solve one issue, and we fall into another trap. Porpoising has been solved, but then we do run the car close to the ground, and we’re hitting the ground quite aggressively. There doesn’t seem to be any sweet spot at the moment,” F1Briefings quoted George. 

The British Grand Prix would be the home race for both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, also the team’s HQ is located in Britain, so if they manage to think of a solution for the car by then, they might be able to impress the fans. 

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