Helmut Marko believes Mercedes miss Niki Lauda’s mentality: “He would have done it differently”

Helmut Marko believes Mercedes could be better if Lauda was still with them.

Helmut Marko (Left) & Niki Lauda (Right)
Helmut Marko (Left) & Niki Lauda (Right)

Helmut Marko has had much to say for other teams and drivers over the past few weekends, and his latest statement comes for Mercedes after their underperformance this year. After he was asked that if Mercedes’ situation could have been better if they still had Niki Lauda, he agreed with it. After all, Mercedes managed to win 8 titles, making them one of the fastest growing and best F1 teams of all time. They have managed to create history with and for Lewis Hamilton, with W11 being their masterclass, which is speculated to be THE fastest F1 car of all time, and might as well be for the future. 

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Niki Lauda, former F1 driver and Legend is known for his amazing performance in the Scuderia Ferrari, winning three World Championships, and dominating the 70’s. He was amazing with understanding the cars, and making them better. He retired from racing in 1979, but later became the Non-executive chairman of Mercedes after they made their return in the sport. It is well known that Mercedes got so high developed through the inputs of Michael Schumacher and Niki Lauda, two absolute legends who were a major part of the team. Sadly, Lauda passed away in 2019, taking a major part away from the team. 

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Helmut Marko believes Mercedes is missing Lauda’s balanced mentality. 

Helmut Marko
Helmut Marko

Helmut stated that Red Bull broke the Mercedes dominance, and now that the team has a competitor, they don’t very well know how to react, and thus, missing Lauda’s “balanced mentality” is a major drawback for the team. 

“I think Lauda’s balanced mentality is missing here at Mercedes. Maybe he would have done it very differently. But when you’re used to winning and then defeat comes, it’s always a difficult situation,” GPblog quoted Marko. 

He also called it the “turnaround” in F1. He also shared many statements regarding the porpoising and other issues being faced by other teams. 

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