Helmut Marko lambasts claims that Red Bull’s RB-19 is built just for Max Verstappen

Red Bull has apparently found a way to suit the needs of both drivers with the RB-19.

Helmut Marko lambasts claims that Red Bull’s RB-19 is built just for Max Verstappen

Christian Horner, Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing is the favorite heading into Bahrain’s 2023 F1 season opener. The Austrian team dominated the sport in 2022, with Max Verstappen achieving a record-breaking 15 wins. Many had speculated that the energy-drinks giant developed the car around the Dutchman. This, in turn, was alleged to be the reason for Verstappen’s extraordinary success.

Recently, Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko came on record to put away such rumors for this season. The 79-year-old mentioned the team’s experience with the car last season. Marko stated the progression in 2022 when Max Verstappen grew accustomed to the RB-18. He said, “We had a car last year that Checo did very well with in the beginning. And, after it was developed, Max has been more and more happy.”

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The Red Bull advisor gave a brief on the preference of both drivers. The 79-year-old stated Max Verstappen’s fondness for an aggressive front end of the car. Helmut stated, “The difference is that Max loves a strong front end, really biting.” On the contrary, the Austrian mentioned Sergio Perez’s preference for a more pliant F1 car. Marko explained, “Checo is a little different. He wants a more docile car.”

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Helmut Marko believes Red Bull has “found a solution” to suit both drivers

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Sergio Perez driving the RB-19 during pre-season testing

Subsequently, the 79-year-old is confident that the Milton-Keynes team finally has developed a car that can work well with both drives. As per Marko, both Verstappen and Perez can feel comfortable with the characteristics of the RB-19. Helmut Marko said, “But we seem to have found a solution that allows both drivers to show their qualities.”


Moreover, Perez agreed on having similar preferences for the RB-19 as his Dutch teammate. Sergio said, “I think we are aiming for the same things.” Additionally, the Mexican driver agreed with Max Verstappen over the car’s future development. The 33-year-old concluded, “We want the same things, so at the moment, it’s a good base.”

Thus, Red Bull has affirmed their stance on the RB-19. The Austrian team will not develop a car around either of its drivers. This, in turn, might allow for a more comfortable car for Sergio Perez. Although, Max Verstappen had previously mentioned his indifference to wanting a particular set of characteristics in a car. As the Dutchman adapted to the machinery in hand.

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