Here is a list of countries yet to register their first win in Formula 1

Formula 1 is would sport in 2022 with participation from various countries, still, there are countries with many races starting yet no wins.

Formula 1
Formula 1

Formula 1 is now a worldwide sport with races almost all around the globe. The sport is also ready to put on a 24-race season in 2023, which is set to be the longest season in Formula 1 history. With drivers coming from all the countries, there are not all countries have won races in F1.

Here is a minor list of the countries fans would have expected to see on the top of the podium. As per the regulations, the national anthems of the countries winning the race are played at the podium. But a few countries like Japan, Russia, India, Hungry etc haven’t even been played once even though they register multiple races starts to their name.

Japan has registered about 590 race starts and has failed to win even a single one of them. With one current driver on the grid, Yuki Tsunoda playing with the country flag is trying his best to get his country outside the list.

Russia has had only four racers, racing with the flag with a few well-known names, Nikita Mazepin and Daniil Kvyat. Though Russia is completely blocked out of the sport with no reason to get themselves back in the future.

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Countries with the most wins in Formula 1

Formula 1
Formula 1 race

There are a few countries with no even but drivers still on the grid, then there are countries registering wins more than the number of starts by some certain countries. The United Kingdom has had 145 racers to drive under its flags and has registered a total of 307 wins, with almost one-third of it going under the name of Lewis Hamiton.

Another country to have registered 179 wins in Germany, with Michael Schumacher having the most of it 91 wins to his name. Brazil being third on the list has registered a total of 101 wins with just 31 drivers driving for the country.

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