Throwback to a hilarious moment when a track marshall ran for his life at the Singapore Grand Prix

We take a trip down memory lane, when a track marshall ran for his life at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Singapore Grand Prix
Singapore Grand Prix

With only a week left for the much-awaited race at the scenic Singapore Grand Prix, fans cannot wait to see the exciting action on track again. Many are eagerly looking forward to the race at the Marina Bay Circuit as it will decide if Max Verstappen secures his title or if he will have to compete in the remaining races to secure it.

This particular street circuit is also a star attraction in the F1 calendar as it boasts an amazing scenic view making it one of the best night races on the calendar. Fans and celebrities flock over here from all over the world to see the action unfold before their very eyes making it an attractive sight to behold.

The Marina Bay circuit is 5km long and narrow and slightly dangerous, making it one of the trickiest circuits on the calendar as well. The drivers and the cars are pushed to the brink of their limits and any mistake could end up causing a fatal accident on the track.

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A bizzare moment in the history of the Singapore GP

Singapore Grand Prix
Singapore Grand Prix

As the Singapore GP approaches, the fans are eagerly waiting for the action to unfold since the track is such that it has never disappointed in giving an exciting race. An example would be a throwback to the 2016 Singapore GP where an insanely bizarre and potentially dangerous incident occurred that almost put a track marshall’s life at risk.

After Nico Hulkenberg had crashed into the pit wall in his Force India, a safety car was called out while the marshal’s cleared the debris to allow the race to continue safely. However, due to a grave miscommunication, some cars were cleared to race while the marshal was on track clearing the last of debris and almost lost his life but luckily got clear of the cars in the nick of time.

This is one of the most bizarre and funny moments in F1 that could have turned potentially dangerous all because of miscommunication among the drivers. However, this also shows that the sport is not without its dangers and that every job connected to the sport has its own form of respect and dangers

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