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“Making good with my bum,” Valtteri Bottas’ viral image gathers huge sum of 50,000 Euros for charity

Valtteri Bottas' viral bum image gathers huge sum of money.

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas has bared it all, once again, by posting a picture of him skinny dipping in a river. Of course, the other time was in Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’, where during Season 3 of the series, he allowed the documentary makers to film him and his friend chatting naked at the sauna in his home, and where he stood up and flashed his right ‘cheek’ to the audience.

He finished the Miami Grand Prix 7th behind former Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton at 6th and George Russell at 5th. Of course, Bottas was running 5th until he went wide at turn 17 on lap 50, after which the Mercedes duo were able to overtake him. After the race weekend, the Finn took a trip to the famous resort town of Aspen in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Afterward, Valtteri Bottas posted a video of him and his Australian road and gravel cyclist, Tiffany Cromwell taking a trip on their cycle through the Rocky Colorado landscape. And it was after that, that Bottas posted ‘the photo’. The picture shows him swimming naked (skinny dipping, as it is so fondly called) through a river stream.

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Charity through butts

Talking to reporters from Sky Sports, Bottas said: “I am one with nature.” Indeed, few could argue that the Finn seems at ease with his ‘birthday suit’ out in public.

“[It was] actually for a good cause. We were selling prints of it for 24 hours, and over 5,000 people bought a print of my bum basically. With that, we gathered €50,000 (£42,000) for charity. Making good with my bum.”

His former teammate, Lewis Hamilton was made aware of the photograph and was asked if he would buy one. Hamilton’s response was positive. Talking to Sky Sports, Hamilton said: “I would, yeah, for charity, for sure. I didn’t even know it was up for sale but I think it’s a great photo. It’s one of the best photos I’ve seen, actually.”

Clearly, Hamilton was very impressed by that picture. And there have been a few edits with them in the picture, together.

After a good result at the last race weekend in Miami, and a whole host of upgrades, Bottas will be hoping for even more points at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya this weekend. In FP1, he took P17. Unfortunately, Bottas was only able to complete a mere two laps in FP2 due to technical issues, with his time good enough for P16. FP3 was better, and he finished 9th on the timesheet. There is surely more to come for the weekend from Bottas.

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