“It’s still very early days, there’s nothing to report,” Christian Horner on possible collaboration with Porsche

Christian Horner comments on Red Bull's potential collaboration with Porsche.

Christian Horner

Chrisitan Horner, seemed interested in the possible deal with Porsche as the brand wants to join Formula 1 by 2026 and is interested in collaborating with Red Bull and their lead engine provider.

But currently, anything to say is too early and all the deals are currently in talks. Audi also wants to join the sport being a possible stake holder of Mclaren. 

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As the Red Bull  Racing is now on a new journey to build its own engines under the label of RBPT ( Red Bull Power Train) till 2026 it would be a great opportunity for them to work with the brand.

So says Horner “We’re just starting a new journey as a power unit manufacturer for 2026, so of course, it would be logical for us to look at, and hold discussions about potential corporate cooperation.” in conversation with Speedcafe.com.

On the other hand, Helmut Marko said there is nothing to share right now and neither do Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Would it be “logical” to collaborate with Porsche

Porsche and Red Bull
“It’s still very early days, there’s nothing to report,” Christian Horner on possible collaboration with Porsche

Since the start of the 2022 season, we have seen Red Bull struggling with their reliability issues which made them lose a lot of valuable points in fight with Ferrari.

Miami Grand Prix had Sergio Perez miss a possible podium since he lost around 20+bhhp of his power which clearly marked the engine’s issues with RBPT, though the team has the fastest car on straight they would be struggling at the end.

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The  Japanese Company, Honda, left Formula 1 after winning the driver championship in 2021, seeing the conversation to electrics by the company in the future, But they are still assisting Red Bull with their RBPT.

Here is where Porsche would take the place and take Red Bull ahead of the engine crisis they might have from 2026.

It would be very logical for the Drinks company to take the future with the brand as they are the leading contenders on the list of Porsche.

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