Lando Norris is excited to return to Silverstone: “It is always just a great weekend itself.”

Lando Norris thinks that the new regulations will improve racing at Silverstone.

Lando Norris
Lando Norris
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This weekend, Formula 1 returns to Silverstone. As always, a jam-packed crowd is expected. Silverstone is one of the classic Formula 1 tracks and is immensely popular among fans, and drivers. With Mercedes and Ferrari both reported to be bringing upgrades to the track, the prospect of a three-way battle for the win with them and Red Bull will be one occasion fans will not willing to pass on.

Aside from the top 3, Lando Norris is currently the ‘best of the rest’ driver. The Briton had a disappointing weekend in Canada, where PU problems meant he would only start 14. Then a bad pit stop compromised his race while he was running in the points, and meant he would only finish 15th. Daniel Ricciardo had similar woes with the pit stop (due to McLaren double-stacking) and finished 11th, which meant McLaren took no points home in Canada.

Nevertheless, Lando Norris is excited to compete in his home race. Last year he had finished 4th here, and the year before that, he finished 5th. While a podium may be unlikely, a solid haul of points will be much welcome after a disheartening race in Canada. Aside from this, Norris hopes that the 2022 cars will be showing their true self in Silverstone.

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Lando Norris: “Racing this year has generally been better.”

George Russell in his W13(on the left) and Lando Norris in his MCL36(on the right)
George Russell and Lando Norris in Monaco

Lando Norris hopes that the reason the technical regulations were changed for the 2022 season will come into effect: With ground-effect and less dirty air, the intention was that cars will be able to follow each other more closely. He hopes that this will improve the racing in Silverstone. Talking to Motorsport, Lando Norris said:

“Silverstone is always just a great weekend itself, Formula 1 cars around Silverstone are always spectacular. I think racing this year has also been generally better. Maybe not so much at, let’s say, tracks purely with long straights.”

Norris thinks that Silverstone will be the track where the cars really show their characteristics: “But tracks where you’ve got these longer corners, such as Silverstone, I think that’s where you see the big differences compared to previous years. I’m hoping that will stack up and prove to be better racing, more enjoyable.”

Lando Norris has earlier stated that they do have some upgrades planned for Silverstone, and had said: “We have a few things in the pipeline for Silverstone and I cannot wait to get out there, in front of our home fans.” Norris will be hoping that these upgrades will be enough to provide him with a good boost for the weekend.

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