Lando Norris vocalizes his opinion on the porpoising facade: “I can see why Red Bull and Ferrari are against change mid-season”

Lando Norris understands why Ferrari and Red Bull are not happy with FIA's decision

Lando Norris
Lando Norris thinks that the pedal cam trialled in Silverstone 'did not show much'.

Lando Norris opens up about the whole porpoising issue which has left the paddock divided and needed the FIA to intervene. Mercedes recently knocked on FIA’s door to plead for help after Lewis Hamilton’s painful in Baku. The seven time world champion was heard complaining about how difficult it was to deal with the porpoising. It was clear that he was in a world of pain after race as he was holding his back.

It was doubtful as to whether he would participate in the Canadian GP but, fortunately, he was ability to do that. There was more good news for him as the FIA issued a technical directive to protect the drivers from vertical oscillations by raising the ride height. This meant that Mercedes could go with a secondary floor allowing them to get rid of that bouncing considerably allowing them to be more competitive.

But this something that raised a lot of eyebrows in the paddock especially in Ferrari and Red Bull’s garage. Lando Norris has given an insight on how he perceives the whole situation. It’s pretty clear that both these teams have been able to do a much better job in the development of the car as compared to Mercedes and hence their frustration is understandable after Mercedes’ lobbying of the FIA.

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Lando Norris understands why Ferrari and Red Bull are not happy with FIA’s decision

Lando Norris
Lando Norris

Lando Norris has mixed feelings on the issue as he compares the safety and the speed aspect of the decision. He said, “Obviously, that was the major talking point over the Canada weekend and I must admit to being a bit conflicted on it.”

“The front two teams have clearly done a much better job than anyone else of interpreting the rules.”

“So I can see why they would be against change mid-season,” as reported by gpblog.

It’s visibly evident that the whole paddock is divided on the issue as they try to find the right balance between protecting the drivers from injuries to not letting any team from having any sort of unfair advantage. Lando Norris is no different as he gives a pretty similar reply.

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