Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc lament together over US GP disqualification with Instagram stunt

Both drivers were disqualified due to non-compliance with FIA's Article 3.5.9 of Technical Regulations, which outlines minimum plank thickness.

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc lament together over US GP disqualification with Instagram stunt

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc (Via IMAGO)

Mercedes and Ferrari drivers Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc found themselves in the same boat after both were disqualified from the recent United States GP. The drivers, fighting to earn a runner-up spot for their respective teams in the constructor standings, put up a united front as they lamented their disappointment over the disqualification through a clever joint Instagram post.


The race weekend had seen both Hamilton and Leclerc perform exceptionally well. Leclerc secured pole position, while Hamilton was on the verge of clinching his first victory of the season. However, a post-race inspection revealed that their cars failed to meet the minimum plank thickness regulations stipulated by the FIA’s Technical Regulations.

The disqualification, after meticulous checks, stripped Hamilton of his second-place finish and Leclerc of his sixth-place result. This unexpected turn of events left both drivers in a somber mood, and their social media post aptly conveyed their feelings with a single-word caption that read: “mood.”

The joint Instagram post, featuring a picture of both drivers looking disheartened during a press conference in Austin, was a simple yet powerful expression of their disappointment. The disqualification meant that both drivers’ positions in the standings suffered a huge blow. 


Charles Leclerc liked the post on X that was critical of the FIA’s inspection methods

The FIA came under intense criticism from fans on social media after the disqualification. One of the most pressing questions that has gripped fans’ minds is why only four cars out of the 20 on the grid were subjected to inspection for potential breaches. This selective inspection process raised eyebrows and fueled speculation about its fairness and transparency. 

Charles Leclerc post sprint shootout, Azerbaijan GP
Charles Leclerc post sprint shootout, Azerbaijan GP (Credits: The Telegraph)

Charles Leclerc, in an expression of his frustration, silently endorsed posts that questioned the FIA’s arbitrary inspection process. He slipped in the driver standings, allowing Lando Norris to move up the ranks. The FIA’s handling of this situation has undoubtedly ignited a firestorm of debate and speculation, immersing fans in a whirlwind of “what ifs.”

Looking ahead, both drivers will be eager to put this setback behind them as they continue their quest for success in the current season. Hamilton, in particular, is set on leading Mercedes ahead of Ferrari in the constructor’s championship. Mercedes currently holds a 22-point advantage, and it remains to be seen how the fight for the runner-up spot will fare at the Mexican GP this weekend.

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